Baker (California)

Baker is a tiny town located along I-15 in the desert of the state of California. The town is usually a rest stop for those traveling to Las Vegas, Death Valley National Park, or the Mojave National Preserve.

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Mad Greek

Dozens of billboards along the highway make this restaurant impossible to ignore. Billing itself as "America's best gyros" the Mad Greek offers good (although probably not ''the best'') gyros for about $8. The dozens of classic statues, tacky music, and over-decorated interior create an atmosphere that is worth checking out.

The World's Tallest Thermometer

Relax, it's not a giant tube filled with mercury, but a tower displaying a digital readout. The thermometer is 134 feet (40 m) tall, one foot for each degree of the North American record temperature of 134°F (57C). Easily viewed from the highway, a stop into town is not necessary.

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Country Store

Many winning lottery tickets have been purchased at the convenience store; the town is the last major stop before the state line of Nevada on the way to Las Vegas (although there is a California Lottery Store on the California side near Primm, NV).

Alien Fresh Jerky

The heavy advertising along the interstate makes this roadside shop hard to miss. Prices are high, but those looking for a quick beef jerky fix before heading off into the desert will find what they want.

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Just like any other Denny's restaurant, but when you've got limited options and barren desert extending to the horizon in every direction, Moons Over My Hammy suddenly seems a bit more appealing.

Los Dos Toritos

A nondescript Mexican restaurant that is good for those seeking cheap tacos.


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