Aveiro is a city on the Atlantic coast in the Beira Litoral region of Central Portugal. A major port for centuries, Aveiro is famous for its elegant canals and enjoys a sheltered location in a coastal lagoon behind a collection of jetties and islets, and is therefore often compared to Venice.

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Pousada de Torreira / Murtosa - Ria de Aveiro, Nature Hotel

Located in the isthmus that connects Murtosa to the beaches of São Jacinto, the Pousada de Murtosa Torreira, Ria de Aveiro is set in a preserved area with a unique natural beauty. Surrounded by water, this is the ideal spot for fishing, water sports or going to the beautiful beaches which are near the Costa Nova's typical colourful houses.


This club is on the outskirts of Aveiro, in a small village called Oiã (also an industrial area). This club has four floors and 5 bars. One bar is outside, there is a nice terrace with patio furniture. The dance floor has lights, a large TV screen, and features mostly house music.

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C. Popular restaurant where the special is "francesinhas", a dish more typical of Oporto. It is a type of ham, meat and cheese sandwich covered in melted cheese and a spicy sauce. Flame-roasted meats are also on offer, and you might catch some live Brazilian music.

Aveiro Rossio Hostel

The first and only hostel in the city opened in 2009. It is run by a local Portuguese couple who are extremely accommodating and helpful. The hostel is very modern with a kitchen, terrace area, cable TV, free Internet and Wi-fi. Private rooms are available.

Estaçao da Luz

Somewhat outside of town, this is the dance club preferred by the locals. House with some mainstream pop as well. One of the smaller dancefloors/bars features salsa music. It is somewhat selective, so it is possible that tourists are sometimes denied entry.

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Hotel Afonso V

Situated 10 minutes on foot from the town center, this hotel has a good quality-to-price ration. The hotel has two annexes, one of which is a little older with cheaper and more simple accommodations.

Café Ramona

Frequented by students and youths, this place offers perhaps the best hamburgers in town. Try the ''hamburguer à Ramona'' - meal for 5€

3 metades

Organic shop with traditional bread and rolls, which are much more tasty than the normal industrial bread you get in Portugal.


Pizza shop decorated with chess pieces. Popular with the young set. Have a glass of champanhada with your pizza - meal for 7€

Hotel Melia Ria

Newly-constructed four-star hotel situated at a 10 minutes' walk from the center. Spa, good breakfast

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Hiking in the Dunas de São Jacinto

There are four different paths through the woods. You can see the Atlantic and the some lakes.

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Clube 8

Canal do Paraiso. The only club in the city center, open until 8AM.

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Hotel as Americas

Close to the train station and 15 minutes from the city center.

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Aveiro Cathedral

An example of unique Portuguese baroque architecture.

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Galetos Dourados

Brazilian-style chicken restaurant.


Praça do Peixe. Alternative music.

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Aveiro Museum

In the former Convento de Jesus

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Residencial Azevedo

At Costa Nova Beach.

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Hotel Imperial


Câmara Municipal

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Fish market

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About Aveiro

Aveiro is situated 68 km to the south of Porto and 58 km north of Coimbra, straddling the "ria" of Aveiro and the river Vouga a few kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean, where you can easily reach by car (5 minutes) or by bue(every hour). The city of Aveiro has a population of approximately 57,000 inhabitants, where 14,000 are students at University of Aveiro, one of the most important Portuguese Universities

Part of the city is bathed through canals, bridges, and painted boats called moliceiros, similar to the gondolas of Venice. For this reason, the city is called the "Portuguese Venice", although the comparison is exaggerated. The real charm of Aveiro lies in its coast, with its fantastic sandy beaches of São Jacinto, Barra and Costa Nova. This local coast is well known as a Costa da Prata or the Silver Coast.

Aveiro has humid wet temperate climate, coolish in the summer and not so cold in winter. November, December, and January make up the rainy season, while July and August are the driest months. Autumn and Winter tend to have strong coastal winds, excellent for kite or wind-surf, as well as for sailing.

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