Afula is medium-sized town in the northern Israel. It is the largest city in the Jezreel Valley and the capital of that region.

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Givat HaMoreh

The largest mountain within the Jezreel Valley; Afula's eastern suburbs are built on its slopes. Nice place for easy hike. It's highly recommended to go all the way up to the mountain viewpoint in order to watch the beautiful landscape from above. You can go up with Kavim buses from Afula (Lines 3, 14, 2. Bus ticket costs 4.40 ILS for a single ride ticket or 6.70 ILS for a ticket for the whole day. For the second option - a purchase of Rav Kav card from one of the central bus stations across the country in advanced is required)

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'G' BaEmek

A large shopping center on the road from downtown Afula to Givat HaMoreh. To get there you can use any bus from Afula to Givat Hamoreh or to Afula Ilit - 10, 3, 2, 9, 14 and 13 (Bus ticket costs 3.80 NIS or 5.80 NIS for all day). In this large and modern shopping center you will find cafes, restaurants, clothing stores and many other shops. The 'G' is pronounced as an English letter.

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HaTzarfatia HaKtana

a caf'e and restaurant in Afula, open since 1991. HaTzarfatia HaKtana has been managed for the last 12 years by Tami and Dganit, who have turned it into a well known spot in the Afula area. This is a place to celebrate birthdays, weddings, other specials events, and of course, a place to come spoil yourself any day of the week.

Falafel Golani

Locals say this is the best falafel in the middle east. Near Falafel Golani you will be able to find many other falafel and kebab shops such as Falafel Ha'Nasi, Baguette Nir and Shawuarma Al'Fasi as well as few bakeries and pizzerias

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Ha'emek Medical Center

An advanced hospital, on the main road to Givat HaMoreh and Tiberias (5 minutes drive from the center of the city)

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Malon Nof Tavor

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Mount Tabor Inn

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