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How to write a post on Funadvice

Funadvice welcomes your posts to nearly a million visitors per month. Because of the size of the audience, there are certain standards we uphold.

Improve Lives

Your post must have great content that helps to improve our readers lives. This means help with their family, school, business, relationship or something else.

Must be Instructional or Inspirational

Everything you write must inspire or teach readers how to make their lives better. Ensure that the content of the post helps readers to want to do the thing you're talking about as soon as they finish reading.

Promotional posts

We welcome posts that promote a product, website, or service.

However, you should write your post in such a way that it inspires, educates and improves the life of our readers. Then you are free to include a sentence and a link to your site.

Posts that are purely promotional will be removed.


All links in your post are "do follow". We do not modify your links in any way, so you get the full SEO benefit from them.


Ensure you have permissions to use the text, photo, or videos contained within your post. If your account has repeated violations, you could be suspended.

Creating your post

Go to your home page and click on the "Post" button. Pick one of your skills and then Save your post once youre done.

If you're satisfied with how everything looks, hit the "Publish" button to make it live on Funadvice.