Steps to ungroup Mail by conversation of Yahoo

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What is Threading and how it is helpful?

Threading is the perfect way to get your entire conversation in a single email message box. It sorts your messages so that all the replies and forwards are grouped together rather; just listing them in the order they arrived in your Inbox, in order to keep a track of the entire conversation. This will help you to get the right message and information without searching all the mails with that particular sender or domain.

This is to ease your life when you do some conversation or exchange mails on frequent interval. Yet, sometimes it creates trouble or uneasiness when you don’t want your other conversation to get observed by others while discussing some mails using your Yahoo Mail account.

Let say that you don’t want to disclose the price quoted you to by some seller; and mistakenly you forwarded to some other competitor, this could be a disaster. To avoid any such embarrassment; you should ungroup the mail conversation. Yet, the question is how to do that; we have the solution of ungrouping the mail conversation or turn off the conversation for future with this guide also easily turn off using 24/7 Yahoo toll free telephone service number service.