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Do you think social media sites are effecting our kids in a negative way?

I know I did not get a join a site till I was 30 and it was facebook, I then wonder why I made a account, I might look at it once a week. But my son will get home and get on the darn xbox and talk to his friends on a headset.


cry cry

well my friend caroline is always making fun of my laugh and words I cant say that well she says I laugh with my eyes down and to make up a excuse I said thats my fake laugh then she asked then whats your real laugh and I dont make fun of words she say...


Ceral feeding

My nurse told me the other day that I could start my son on Cereal if I wanted, but she told me NOT to feed it to him in a bottle. My step father fed both of his kids ceral with a bottle and said they were just fine. Any advice?


What's your opinion on this name choice ?

Hi I wanted to know if these names go and sound alright together.
Catharine-Eva Marie Renee' Ray

Thanks in advance


Have you ever given a baby up for adoption?

This is a very personal question. I would like to hear your story. I need some answers about how it made you feel. and even if its been years...especially if its been years if you still think about that baby, or if you are thankful you did etc... if yo...


What do you think?

Am doing a survey 4 school do you think a 13 year old or 14-16 should have kids
Do you think they are ready to pick up such a responsibility? Do you think they are
Ready to carry out suck task?do you think the fathers of those babies are ready to ca...


What age is to early to potty train?

Cole is 17 almost 18 months old im starting to potty train him because he tells me when he has to go but how can I be sure hes ready and not too young?


Who are the most annoying people you've had to babysit?

Mine would have to be my cousin(9), my brothers(8and 1)

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"Cradle cap"?

What exactly is "cradle cap" and how do I get rid of this and how do I prevent it?


Is the age of 8 too young to use internet?

I've seen many websites have age restrictions.
I have been using internet from when I was 8 years old(I.e. From 2003) and I think age of 8 years is not too young stage to use internet. I could manage my e-mail emails with my own. Although I was not all...


I need help to find a boys name

hey name is jackie and im 38 wks.My due date is april.24.2009..I have a couple od days to find a very lost and I dont have to much having a BOY!!!
I want a name that is different and that is cute and that not a lot of people...

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Should we have a baby?

ok so I'm full of ?'s tonite...I'm 16 and I've been with my b/f for almost 2 years we love each other to no extent and we want a baby we've both had experince with kids I have a lil sister who is 3 and then I watched a 5 month old for 2 striaght weeks ...

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Indigo Children?

Anyone know anything about the Indigo Children?


Good baby names

I was thinking of naming my twins (Girls) Rockett Bizarre and Ivony Lyric. Are these names okay? I like them because there creative and different...


snatching teh phone on the stairs

well I cant talk on the phone cause my mom thinks im beign rude and I didnt mean to do what I did it was a mishap wht do I do?and I already told her I didnt mean to and now she is saying to tell my firneds to never call again