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This topic comes up quite often in discussions with my partners. As you know, we own a number of different SaaS product and online service companies. One thing that we harp on time and time again is great customer service.

One thing you need to understand (especially as a small business owner) is that nothing makes up for bad service.

More importantly, your customer value will decline as will your revenue if your customer service sucks. Unless you are essentially a monopoly in your local area then you need to focus on providing the best client support and service possible. If not, you will fail!

Here’s a quick story for you…

A few of my friends are the most popular wines, spirits and liquor importers in the United States. They literally cater to thousands of emerging brands and communicate with them on a daily basis. They take pride in providing the best service possible. That’s why when some new alcohol brand is created and they want to enter the US market, they call them.

If their service was poor or had some sort of bottleneck, they wouldn’t be where they are today (at the top).

Another example is a local business I’m connected with in Massachusetts. It’s called Cartmell Davis Funeral Home. What I can say about the company is that it’s a typical family owned and operated business. However, what sets them apart from the rest is the level of service and customer care. A typical funeral may have a few guys working the service. Well, this company has ten or even a dozen. They go above an beyond every single service, like clockwork…

The point is, if your customer service and client service isn’t great, then your product doesn’t matter, your price doesn’t matter and your service offered (in general) doesn’t matter.

Why? Because eventually, it will all become irrelevant!

Stay on top of your customer service and client based services. You can’t lose taking that approach. In fact, it’s likely to help you gain more customers.

Have a great day!