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How to tell if someone is lying

My 11 year old kid is really good at lying. But I can still smell the bullshit a mile away. This is not bad, because the vast majority of kids lie anyway.

In fact, children learn how to lie extremely effectively between the ages of 2 to 4.

With adults it’s a little trickier. Here are some techniques into body language honed by the CIA and FBI that will quickly pull the truth out of a lying liar.

Behavioral Pause
Normally if someone is telling the truth, they will immediately reply to a question or say “hmmm” if they are trying to remember. A liar takes a little time (depending on the person) to answer.

Change in voice
Ask a question and if the person changes their tone of voice, then they are probably lying. This requires that you know what the person’s voice sounds like. This is best seen in children.

Eye contact
People look to one side or the other when telling the truth or a lie. Our brains are wired in such a way so we look to the left or the right to recall a fact. Study the person in front of you to get a baseline first.

Hiding eyes or mouth
The liar my cover their mouth with a hand, or look away, or even close their eyes momentarily.

When lying, men and women will adjust their clothing, hair or accessories such as rings or other jewelry,

These tricks work excellent on kids too. But if, like me, you’ve been with a child for years, your bullshit detector is super high.

Caution when dealing with different cultures, because normal head movements, micro expressions and eye contact are different.