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A Complete Guide for Iran domestic flights

Travelling in a vast country like Iran, which is a country of immense beauty may take up to 20 hours on land. If you wish to enjoy seeing most of this country’s attractions and plan to travel to faraway destinations, taking Iran domestic flights would be the best way to save your time. Iran domestic flights are one of the best and easiest ways to fly around the country. The fare is low and it is possible to fly to most of your desirable destinations. Iran domestic flights cover almost all provincial capitals and you can get flight ticket to Tehran or any other destinations. Besides, no matter which airline you choose, the price will almost be the same.

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Popular air routes for tourists

Iran has a huge amount of attractions but mainly the most popular air routes for tourists include Tehran-Shiraz, Tehran-Tabriz and Tehran-Mashhad. If you wish to find the cheap flight tickets in Iran for these routes you can search through 1stQuest online search. The cheapest airline for Tehran-Shiraz rout is Aseman Airline (38.1 €), The cheapest airline for Tehran-Tabriz rout is Iran Airtour (34 €) and the cheapest airline for Tehran-Mashhad is offered by Aseman airlines (75.6 €)

Is it safe to fly in Iran?

For so many years, Iran wasn’t able to renovate its planes due to US sanctions and traveling by Iranian flights was considered a risky job. After lifting the sanctions in 2016, the situation changed for better and Iran managed to sign contracts with well-known companies such as Boeing, Airbus and ATR to purchase brand new jetliners. It is reported that Iran is planning to receive 400 new aircrafts by 2025. Although currently the average number of Iranian airplanes are somewhat old, it doesn’t mean that they are not safe to fly with. Based on International Civil Aviation Organization, Iran has proved to be performing above the global average. Today, most of Iranian aircrafts include Boeing, McDonnell Douglas MD-80 series, ATR 72 and Fokker 100. Moreover, Most Iranian airlines such as Iran Air, Iran Airtours, Iran Aseman, Mahan Air, Kish Air and Qheshm Air, are now members of International Air Transport Association (IATA).

How can I book Domestic Flights in Iran?

Booking flight tickets in Iran may seem hard at first since most websites are only available in Persian. Also foreign tourists may face other problems in terms of payment. The best way to book flight tickets for Iranian domestic flights is to get help from travel agencies. At 1stQuest you will be able to find comprehensive information that every traveler needs to know about visiting Iran and you can book Iranian flight tickets easily. Furthermore, 1stQuest offers reservation of essential travel services such as bus, flight and visa. Online payment, low commission, ease of use and dedicated customer support and the fact that you can find this information all in English, makes 1stQuest your number one choice to travel in Iran. To book a ticket for Iran domestic flights, all you need to do is to fill in the required information such as departure and arrival cities, date of flight and number of passengers. Once you get a list of available flights, enter the flight information like name of the airline, seat number, class and price and then pay online. You will receive an electronic receipt which you need to hand along with a valid ID card once you get to the airport. There is no need to print the receipt.

What are Iranian Airlines?

Iranian Airlines include Iran Air, Iran Airtours, Iran Aseman, Kish Air, Meraj Airlines, Mahan Air, Queshm Air, Taban Air, Caspian Airlines, ATA Airlines, Atrak Airlines, Taftan Airlines, Saha Airlines, Zagros Airlines, Pouya Airlines and Hesa Airlines among which Iran Air aka Homa is the largest domestic airline in Iran.

How to get to airports?

Since most Iranian airports are located out of town in the suburbs of the cities, they are less accessible than train stations or bus terminals. However, in rare cases you can find an airport like Mehr Abad located in the city (Tehran) and is accessible by using public transportations. Once you get to the airport, you can use taxi booths in the ground transportation area of the airport to get a taxi. When it comes to taking a taxi, you have two options: you can get prepaid flat-rate taxis by standing in the arrivals hall at the taxi booth and pay the fare and hand the ticket you received to the driver before you get on, or you can negotiate a fare with incoming taxis who drop off passengers at the airport. It is recommended to ask a few taxi drivers to get the best price. You can also use domestic online taxi providers such as “snapp”, “Tap30”, etc. These online services work like Uber. They are usually very reasonable and you are able to choose your destinations more easily on a map. It is necessary to carry cash in Rials as most drivers do not accept foreign currencies such as euros or dollars.

Airports facilities

Almost all Iranian Airports provide facilities such as ATMs which You can easily use to get cash but you need to remember that they only dispense in Rials. Iranian airports also have banks but they do not offer currency exchange services so it is necessary to have enough cash on you. You can find Duty free shops, gift shops to buy souvenirs and gifts from and also cafes to snack or drink while you are at the airport. However, they might be more expensive than shops you see in town.

Information desk is definitely a necessity in airports so you certainly find one too in Iranian airports. It is not an easy job to find free WiFi. Some airports offer free Wifi but you need a SIM or Internet connection to get your password. Not to mention that a little Farsi to read the instruction is a must. It might not be a bad idea to ask locals to help you out in this part though.

Mobile charging spots are available in Iranian airports if you need to charge your device. Iranian airports offer prayer room for those who need to say prayers but there is no sleep zone. So if you need to sleep, you should sleep on the seats. It is recommended to have a blanket, a sleeping bag if you plan to spend a night there at the airport.