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Boy broke heart

Why can't i have a boy?

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boys love with their penis and girls with their heart??

do you think that boys love with their penis and girls with their heart??

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How do I get a boy who just broke up with his gf??

I want to be more gentle cause he just went through a breakup

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How a heart look's at heart attack?

How a heart look's at heart attack?

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How Do You Win A Boy's Heart?

Just incase I need to for later life lol... + for in a fews days maybe lol

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How can I get over a boy that broke my heart ?

I had a crush on this boy for a long time. When I was in 7th and he was in 8th he started emailing me. He would email things like "when you gonna let me tap that a**" and stuff. We never talked in te hallways though. Only in afterschool and on email. T...

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iman and heart

what is iman in the heart?

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Heart on keyboard

How to the heart on your keyboard

79 views · Computers & Tech

What style do the boys like?

What style do the boys like?

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Can you finger a boy?

Can you finger a boy?

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Do Ladybugs have hearts?

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He Broke My Heart

There's a boy that I really really like...But one day he tells me on msn that he likes one girl (my friend) and want to help him with her. He really really broke my heart. Btw he doesn't know I love him. What should I do? I really like him... :( (Im s...

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help I am crushed by a boy who broke my heart!!!

hi I like this guy named kyle arbour and he goes out with basically everyone. I like him and a few thursdays ago my friend asked him out but he didn't say anything then after school he said I would have said yes if you would have asked me yourself so t...

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Soulja boy or american boy

Whats better soulja boy or american boy

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