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How can I put a price on glass etching?

How can I put a price on glass etching?

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What tools are needed to engrave candles?

What tools are needed to engrave candles?

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How much does it cost to have the dog tags that people wear or whatever engraved?

can you get them engraved?

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What's a good thing to engrave on something for a loved one?

not too long yet not too short?

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What should the engraving be inside my ring?

My boyfriend and I are getting promise rings for our 2nd anniversery . I want to get something engraved inside , nothing funny ! What should it be?

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deep etched marks on nose from glasses

how do I get rid or those etched marks from glasses... I do have my glasses adjusted frequently...but I still need something...any ideas? tu

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What should I engrave on a ring for my boyfriend?

I care about him so much but its almost garenteed that we won't make it. I just want to let him know im still here and trying. That im still willing even though we'd both be sacrificing so much. And even if we don't make it, ill always love him.
This ...

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Gift Giving advice for my Guy.

I have been seeing this guy for the past 7 months, however we aren't "officially" going out. His birthday is coming up and I want to get him this very "manly" necklace. I also want to get it engraved.

Do I engrave his nickname, or can I engrave both...

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John cena's dog tags

Wats engraved on the dog tags and why does he kiss them before every match?

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Which is best the Quality crystal products manufacturing company in Bangalore?

My choice is 3D Lasers Engrave

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What kind of shop will repair wallets?

My wallet needs repairing, I'm not sure what sort of place to go to. Should I try a cobbler/shoe repair shop? An engraving shop? Clothing alterations?

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valentine's day problem

I want to get my boyfriend a dog tag necklace for Valentine's Day but I don't know what to engrave it with. We have been dating for about 2 months. Do you have any ideas on what it should say?

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How much is a mislabeled Kiss album worth?

I have a Kiss Destroyer album. The album cover, sleeve, music and etching are all for the Destroyer album...but the record label is for Kiss Alive. In other words, it has the wrong label on the actual album. I cannot find anywhere on the internet where...

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What should I get my boyfriend for ith 20th birthday?

okay, so my boyfriend's birthday is the day before valentines day (feb13) and im stuck on what to get for him, both for his birthday, and then something for valentines.

some ideas I already have are:
- promise ring
- chocolate body paint
- bear wearin...

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How much should I sell my saddle for?

brand:eagle originals
size: 16 seat and full quarter horse bars
color: see pics. black, silver. has matching engraving in silver and leather
it's an all leather saddle, been used about 5 times lightly. Thanks!

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How to tell her I love her?

ok, I've been going out with this girl kayleigh for like eight monthes now, and I love her. But I don't know how to tell her. She's like the first girl I've ever loved like a lot a lot and when I tell her I want it to be special. I got her this braclet...

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Want it to be a day to remember

Okay!! It's my 18th month with my boyfriend 2mrrw... And I want to do something or give him something special!! Any ideas??

Here are things that I've already done in the past:

* went to a studio thing and took a pic
* gave him a double dogtag (...

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What to get my boyfriend for his birthday that is special?

okay! so its my boyrfreinds birthday in 20 days..hes turning 16. we would have been together 8 months by then. for my birthday he bought me a ring that had 'I love you" engraved in it. hes always spoiling ,e and I would love to give him somehing specia...

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What should I put in a care package?

My boyfriend's away at college and he won't be coming home until march so I want to send him something for valentine's day and I was thinking just making a care package. I thought of putting some of his favorite snacks in there, a picture of us in a fr...

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