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How many calories in a Starbucks cafe mocha?

58 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Antic Cafe?!?!

What is the bands story and is bou a guy? Why did he leave antic cafe?

84 views · Music

How do meal plans or cafe's work in college?

I'm very Confused about college Meal Plan's and what does Tuition have to do with it?

18 views · Food & Dining

Common ground cafe

what is they deal with the common ground cafe in hyannis Ma? is it owned by some religious sect or cult or something?

29 views · Food & Dining

Antic Cafe - Does anyone know why Bou left???

Does anyone know why Bou left??? I really want to know. He's my favourite and I feel so bad.

65 views · Entertainment NSFW

Anyone go to mavericks? Or cafe dekcuf? In ottawa

Anyone go to mavericks? Or cafe dekcuf? In ottawa ,, rideau..
Sick place .. Good bands play there.

12 views · Music

Bebo in internet cafes

My computer doesnt work so I was thinking going to internet cafe. Is it possible to upload pictures to bebo that I sent to my email adress?

20 views · Computers & Tech

How do you clear up cafe au lait birthmarks?

Does anyone know any natural remedies to get rid of cafe au lait birthmarks without laser surgery??

85 views · Health

an cafe please

can someone tell me more about bou and An Cafe please?
I luffies dem to death but I dont think I know everything.
anything you know is helpful!!!

120 views · Music

What do you think of the Hardrock cafe NY?

I'm going to the Hardrock cafe for my birthday(maybe) does anybody have any reviews about it. How much does food cost and do you know anything about vegetarian options?

8 views · Food & Dining

Why do people hate the Rainforest Cafe in Chicago, IL?

Me and my mom might go there for lunch!! We need to know if it is good or not!! We don't live here!! Thanks:)

30 views · Food & Dining

What is Antic Cafe's Fanmail adress?

What is Antic Cafe's Fanmail adress? B/c cause I want to send them a picture I drew of them, and I can't seem to find it anywhere on the internet. Please and Thank you. <3

18 views · Music

Got an interview for a waitress in job at a Chinese cafe by my house.

I am terrified the interview will be in Chinese :/ then I'm screwed. I'm actually hoping I'll get bartending position though.

39 views · Jobs & Money

Is it weird to sit alone in a cafe?

Sometimes I just want to get a coffee and read alone in a cafe, but I worry that people will think it's strange. I know I shouldn't give a damn about what they think, but I'm just curious. :)

79 views · General Knowledge

is there a Hard Rock Cafe in Leeds?

I really need to know if there is a ''hard rock'' cafe in Leeds?? if so whats it near, where abouts is it?? everone ses there is one and I shud know as its a real famous cafe have yhu herd of the ''hard rock'' cafe? its owned by 3 peoploe one of them b...

15 views · Travel

When do you not tip at a cafe?

I had the worst experience at a cafe and I decided not to tip the guy. The guy with me left a tip instead and refused to not tip him! I was furious with him for taking the waiter's side on this and I felt betrayed. Did I break some unspoken rule to...

38 views · Food & Dining

How can I entice more people in coming to my cafe ??

me and my friends have just opened a new cafe, the owners before run it into the ground and we realy need to get loads of customers again

if you have any ideas how we can make money and be the best cafe around feel free to give me your advice and i...

100 views · Food & Dining

Internet cafe!

My neighborhood has an internet cafe and she wanted to monitor the time of every customer from the start they used pc and the time they ended, so that she will be paid right by the customer. And she also desire to control the client pc with her server(...

11 views · Computers & Tech

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