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Commodore ballroom

Is it possible to rent out the commodore ballroom, in vancouver bc?

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Starland ballroom- nj/ny people only

The starland ballroom is in the town 10 minutes away from my dads house, sayreville, which is also my birth town :d
So since it is so close to my dads, I have a lot of oppurtunities to go to a lot of great shows.

But I've never been there.
Can someone...

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Does it matter if you don't dance original dances?

Does it matter if you don't dance original dances such as brake dancing, ballroom dancing, tango? But make up your own dance steps and dances?

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What does this saying mean?

What does it mean when somoene says this life you lead is like living in a shiny ballroom? (I heard it in law and order last night)

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How can I stop feeling so uncomfertable?

Okay so I go to this Ballroom dance studio, and I take a teens class. im not usually self-confident because of my birthmark, and I dont like how I look. but when I go there, I feel worse. like I cant act myself, which is usually hyper. I get nervous an...

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Looking for a place to have my quinceanera at

So im having a quinceanera pretty soon and im looking for some salones..I wanted to know if anybody had suggestions of were I can have it im aiming towrads hotel,ballrooms,golf courses you know anything nice like that maybe even armory's or just a pla...

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Should I play matchmaker?

at my school. horsforth school in leeds. every year before christmas we have one games lesson where we have to do ballroom dancing in the hall. all the girls hate it. I have hassd 6 boys ask me and I sed one the the 1st one. but they keep asking me. th...

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My boobs have grown and I want my old ones back

I'm 23 & in the past year my boobs have seemed to double in size. I'm not taking anything or doing anything new but there's a distinct difference in appearance. Also, before you say weight gain know that I'm the exact same weight I was since my senio...

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New bench sweater. But...

Okay.. I don't usually buy brand name clothing. I have 1 american eagle shirt and an a&f hoodie that I got for christmas... The rest are from urban planet.. Stitches and garage and stuff but like.. Yesterday.. I was just looking at the bench sweaters a...

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How to obtain some help?

I am a 60 year old liver transplant recipient. It will be 9 years on 12/02/2009. I have had numerous complications including serious problems walking and seizures. I finally am in control and work full time as apatient advocate for the CT Division of t...

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Random Survey

How amazing was your last kiss 1-10?

what was the last thing you did with your right hand?

worst drug you've ever done?

last thing you put in your mouth?

You get three wishes, you can't wish for money or more wishes, what do you wish for?

Do you k...

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SAT scores

is an SAT score of 1900-2000 decent?
In other words, if the rest of my application is well written and has a decent amount of other supplemental factors, will I be able to get into a top-notch college?

for example:
- I speak fluent czech
- for my...

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