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How should I dress if I'm going to watch a live taping of a tv show

I am going to a live taping of jay leno tonight, but I don't know what to wear. Right now I have on dark wash skinny jeans and a long black shirt. I'm thinking either wearing my dark grey vans or black boots. Should I dress up more or does this sound o...

19 views · Beauty & Style

What sort of clothes do girls like boys wearing?

I'm looking to changing my style of clothing. I used to dress really generically; Vans, jeans and hoodies. That sort of thing. I will probably change to chinos with t-shirts though I'm not to sure about what t-shirts look good with them. Any thoughts w...

27 views · Beauty & Style

What would YOU bring on a camping holiday?

I'm going away in a campervan at the end of this year. I already have a little list of things to buy but I'd love to hear everybody else's list of things they would take camping. Remember, I have a campervan, but I'm sleeping outside because, well, I l...

43 views · Travel

just a fun questionare

just some quick questions because im bored: pink or black? dvd or blu-ray? skydive or bungee jump? cats or dogs? emo or goth? cake or p...

15 views · General Knowledge NSFW

Yelled at for no reason

My friends Dad offered to take me back up to my school so I could get the sweatshirt that I accidentily left in the camp Van. I said "Are you sure" and he said "Yea". He told me to call the girl back that told me I left it there and I wasn't paying att...

56 views · General Knowledge

Where can we rent a Class A RV?

All my summer vacations has been the worst. especially the past three years going to summer school. Anyways, this summer is going to be the best, I am going to FL, to my uncle for the summer, he is so cool. He planned a good vacation and I was so read...

24 views · Travel

Bella, come back :( :'(

My dad took my six month old dog into the van and put her outside in a park somewhere
I don't know what to do me and my brothers can't stop crying
She's gone. We looked for her and couldn't find her what do I do :( :( :'(
I can't sop thinking about ...

19 views · Pets & Animals

Anyplace I can get cheap and cute skater or prep clothes?

Okay, so I'm getting ready for summer, but I'm trying to find some good clothes for spring. I'm a skater/prep and I looove skinny jeans but I can never find a CHEAP DARK PAIR!! I don't have much money, ever. And I need some new clothes! I wear vans and...

102 views · Shopping NSFW

What do I do with my lazy nephew and his girlfriend?

I own a beautiful rental home. I recently remodeled and spent $70,000.00 in upgrades. I agreed to have my brother who is 54 years old rent it. He has a 29 year old son (my nephew) which would live with him. Both have good jobs. But now my other nephew ...

91 views · Parents & Family

What should I get my mom for her birthday?

My mom's birthday is coming and I can never think of what to get her. She always says that she doesn't want anything, but I feel like I need to get her something or do something to tell her how awesome she is.

My mom is really creative; she likes t...

41 views · Parents & Family

Should I tell my niece's secret since she told mine?

My niece is 12 and I'm 14. We told each other a secret. Mine was that I cut myself and hers was some things she did with her boyfriend. She also cut his name into her leg and my mom found out and was griping her out about it. My niece said well have yo...

41 views · Parents & Family

WhAt KiNd Of GiRls Do YoU LiKe???

what kind of girls do yew prefer?
PrEps,,,EmO,,,ScEnE,,, ect...
what kind of clothes would your type of girl wear?
LoW V-NecKs,,, BAND Tees,,, VeStS,,, SkiNny JeAnS,,, ConVeRsE,,, VANS,,, ect..
what style of hair would they ...

23 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

Should I see a doctor or is this normal??

Well I am double jointed so I can twist my arm around and take my fingers out of place yeahh I know freaky..But the for example like one time I had a snow board boot on me and they were a rental and I pulled really hard to get them off lol and...

34 views · Health

Who likes the ""New Rappers"

alright well im curioise to see how many people really like the new rappers?
Soulja boy the superman dance/ Spongebob Dance/ what hte hell is that and people you dont look cute doing it ..
Lolli Lolli 3 six mafia <<--- c'mon now is that rap?

23 views · Entertainment

First Day of School

what type of clothing shud I wear the first day of school? it will most likely be hawt because it starts the last week of august. shud I wear sandals, my vans, converse?

what color maybe? (nothing riiillly bright)
good hairstyles? -up, down, halfwa...

42 views · Beauty & Style

Whats the wierdest or coolest thing you have found in a new house?

I mean like a house you have just moved into be it new or old rental or owned.
I do house cleans where someone moves out and we clean everything in it. There is always stuff left and we have found things like a fake vagina and trophys even ultrasound p...

53 views · Home & Garden

Am I an emo poser?

I'm a 13 year old girl and I get called an emo a lot but a few people have also called me a poser, but they are people who don't really like me.

I dress kinda emo like skinny jeans and black tshirts / band tees and I wear a lot of converse and vans...

109 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

What should I do regarding school?

Last October, I started homeschooling because everyone was making fun of me and being really cruel, just because I like to wear band shirts and vans. Everyone said I'm 'emo,' even though I shop at Hollister too, I just don't wear stuff from there as mu...

17 views · Education & School

Which should come first?

My husband and I are planning to built our own house and stop friend thinks this is not a smart choice and she believes that we should instead build houses to rent others.the house I have rented is not spacious enough .the land we own ...

35 views · General Knowledge

Indie / alternative bands?

lately (haha mostly to impress my girlfriend) I've gotten into indy and alternative music, at first it was just to impress her but now I've found mmyslef addicted and I love it.

some of the bands (thank you mandyloo) I've gotten to know are:
the shins...

9 views · Music

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