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Why are people hiding their real age here?

26 views · FunAdvice Community

How do I know if my pearl necklace is real?

55 views · Beauty & Style

Who on here uses their real name or a nickname?

37 views · FunAdvice Community

Are soulmates real

Does anyone believe in soulmates?

3 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

Are MINI LOGO Skateboards Real?

27 views · Sports & Activities

Should i tell my daughter who her real father is?

6 views · Parents & Family NSFW

When will the points on here turn into real cash?

24 views · Love & Relationships

how can i forget someone i loved for real?

22 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

What are the real causes of religious conflicts?

38 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Is the magic that Criss Angel does real?

48 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore NSFW

Do you think alien life is real?

39 views · Science

When does the next "Real World" start?

33 views · Entertainment

Do you think real estate agents really earn their commissions?

I'm sure there are exceptions and there are some wonderful agents out there, BUT, you list your townhouse for $250,000 and it sells in 1 week, and you pay the agent $11,000 out of what's left. Did the agent really work hard for that money if it was lis...

39 views · Home & Garden

Real Estate slow down where you live?

I asked if we were headed towards a real estate bubble a few months ago:

Seems that in the last six weeks or so houses have started to get cheaper here, I saw one listed that was ~20K cheaper than a similar house t...

21 views · Home & Garden

Is real estate the career path for me?

Hello I'm 18 and I'm just really concerned over what is to become of me. Not to mention confused! I have people asking me what exactly I wanted to do after high school and I always reply with a "I'm not sure" or "I don't know." I know that I am not the...

13 views · Home & Garden

Who are the real pirates?

Who are the real pirates? Would the real pirates please stand up please'

23 views · General Knowledge NSFW


can an estate exist simultaneously with another estate in the same property

10 views · Home & Garden

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