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What would be a good thesis topic?

I'm not very creative and curious about my course. I already tried a few but they were rejected. Any suggestions? Eurpean, international relations.

21 views · Education & School

What is the name of this song?

It has at the beginning different lanuages I know at least french and japanese it says "hello" in japanese. And it has to do with how this male singers girl is so international. What is the name?

5 views · Music

How sucking a puccy safe for boys?

I generally used to suck my girlfriend vagina.I cant control myself. I just want to know that it is safe for me in terms of any internal infections...

238 views · Love & Relationships

What magazines do you subscribe too?

We get Cosmopolitan, Playboy, Hustler, Skin & Ink, International Tattoo, and i buy Bizzarre monthy only because i cant subscribe because its from the uk.

10 views · Art, Writing & Literature

What is best to study in this day and age?

I'm starting uni next year after a year out, i'm going to Utrecht, The Netherlands to study in English at the University of applied sciences Utrecht, but i cant seem to decide on the course. What is a smarter decision? My interest lies in both. Either:...

39 views · Education & School

Why do Americans think they are the best?

When they have so many internal issues of their own, are one of the top 3 polluters on this planet and own more WMD's than Iraq ever didn't have..etc etc

85 views · Politics & Law

How do you clear out negative energy?

Sometimes there is just too much stress everywhere and people fill the air with their negative comments and thoughts. I find myself at times adding on to that negativity. How do I clear it out? Both internally and externally?

14 views · Health

Survey for dancerrs :)

-When did you start dancing?
-what type of dance do you do?
-done any competitions?
-do you take dance lessons?
-any international comps?
-fave song to dance to?
-ever sang to the song you dance to while dancing?
-what do you like wearing for da...

19 views · Nutrition & Fitness

re-heating tri-tip

I want to know how to re-heat tri tip safely and with all juices in tact what is the best way and how hot does the internal temp need to be?

246 views · Food & Dining

Can I Die from an internatl hemorrhoid?

Can I Die From An Internal Hemroid?
B/C Like I Read This Thing That It Can Be A Serious Illness
And Now Im Scared.

8 views · Health

Riddle #3

A train crossing from france to germany suffered a terrible accident exactly on the border according to international law in which country should the survivors be buried?

43 views · General Knowledge

Broken Ribs

Do you thin broken ribs could affect me seriously internally? thats because I didnt go 2 the doc's..
but I bandaged myself up and have painkillers which is what he wud do anyway sooo...

36 views · Health

which is the best AICTE approved mba college ?

Hello every one , i want to know which is the best AICTE approved mba college around mumbai and pune? A college which offers international placement? Kindlygive your advice here?

16 views · Jobs & Money

What kind of silver do I have

I have a silver bowl that is marked International Silver Co PAA, 466, 05114, 96 oz and has a "66" in a small box. What kind os silver is this? I know Sterling is 925.

154 views · General Knowledge

Book report help?

I'm doing a book report on Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz, and I know the internal conflict is that Alex had to make a choice, whether he wanted to take the mission from British M16, or not.
But im not sure what to write for it..
this is a part of wh...

42 views · Education & School

How is Ziami Performance and Dealing

Ziami is an international fashion company which produces hand tailored clothing. As Ziami was not satisfied with the clothing companie sof USA. So they start their own barnd named as Ziami. Has anybody uses clothes produced by ziami. How is their deali...

16 views · Shopping

How to author Blu-Ray audio?

I want to use BD as a long-playing CD. I have an external Pioneer BDP-320 Blu-Ray Player and an internal BD drive.

44 views · Computers & Tech

How to choose a hard drive to boot from on a mac

I have a mac with 2 internal hard drives, I have been using one for the operating system and the other one for extra storage. My question is I installed a newer os on the second hard drive, so how do I select that one to boot from?

36 views · Computers & Tech

In labour or not?

I am 41weeks pregnant I have been on and off in labour for 3days now, I have had my internal exam and I am 1cm dialted, despite what my midwife says I am worried if this is normal to be having contractions and how long should it take now for me too dia...

21 views · Health

When people who have lazy eyes see double?

Im not trying to offend anyone,im asking out of pure curiousity. Just wondering if they can feel when their eyes mover around(roam) sorry,again no offense,

40 views · Health

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