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High schools

Which High School Musical star should I like best?

who should I like better? ashley or vanessa?

19 views · Music

Ouran High School Host Club

I love that show why did they make no more?

35 views · Entertainment

Is a GED equal to a high school diploma?

which one is better
ged or highschool diploma? or are they equal

25 views · Education & School

Which one is easier for you - high school or college?

most of my friends say its HS?

25 views · Education & School

how mcuh to register a child in twin falls idaho high school???

how much is it to register a child in the high school at twin falls high???

12 views · Education & School

Girls High School

IM 15 in High School and I need to know how to start more convo.s with girls. How so?

12 views · Education & School

When is High School Musical 2 coming on Disney?

Whens High School Music 2 Comming On the disney channel?

14 views · Entertainment

Did you enjoy high school?

I love highschool I am a freshman and am lovin' every second of it ... did / do you enjoy high school

50 views · Education & School NSFW

Scared about high school

I need advice for starting high school
Thats all I need
Oh and girl advice

20 views · Education & School

Do university and graduate school students have more freedom of speech than high school students?

Do university and graduate school students have the right to speak in ways that might be punished if they were students in a high school? Explain

49 views · Education & School

What should I do about getting my high school diploma if I can't get to school?

My mom wont let online school be an option? (just wait til im 18?)

14 views · Education & School

How will I get through high school alive?

Highschool is going to be so hard. how will I ever get threw it alive??

82 views · Education & School

High school!

Im going to be a freshmann :0
Any advice to thee newcomerr ???

4 views · Education & School

How many of you are graduating high school in 2011?

How many of you are graduating highschool in 2011 ? Are any of you excited for junior year because I am.

40 views · Education & School NSFW

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