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Original presents for a girl?

Okay, I had no idea what to title this question, it's kinda hard.
So theres this friend of mine, that I'm kinda good with, not that good, but she thinks we're like BFF. She's turning 15 and I'm already 17. So she's much younger then me.
She is a really...

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How to explain to your parents that you're moving out at 18

I know the title sounds simple, but the whole situation isn't.
The whole question is: How can you start explaining (start a conversation and end) that you are moving out when you're 18 to live with a friend.
I know that you're legally an adult w...

71 views · Parents & Family

Does deregulation ever work?

Savings & Loans were deregulated in the 1980's and many went under costing taxpayers over $100 billion.

Airlines were deregulated which lead to airlines flying fewer routes, congested airports, most flights are late, and most of the major airlines n...

122 views · Politics & Law

LONG question for musicians and music enthusiasts

album 'blueprint' here...
opinions please !

well not having a computer sucks so until im able to get a hold of studio time

ill try to describe it...

its either going to be called
1.)'I'm Afraid of Americans'
2.)'Choir of the 3rd Dimension'

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Why dont felons get a second chance in life?

So I am a felon, got a distribution of marijuana within 1000ft of a school, and possesion of cocaine about 4 years ago. Besides those convictions , I have a totally clean record. And the circumstances in the case are ridiculous, because I was only char...

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Gold cob pistole pistole bout barre dor?

hey I have these two coins one is kind of a penny color but it looks worn so it could have been gold color there not round they look hand made and I think there spanish one is silverish and the other is goldish but there faded soo. the golg one is abou...

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Do you like my song?

Heres a song I wrote I would like to peoples opinion this is from my "lyrics book" I call it if some people like this ill post another one its really hard for me to put this up here because of how shy I am but here it is read it be4 I change my mind


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Brand friggin new song

I just wrote this,it's called Runaway II for my self-titled Demonic Angel

Take half my life away
You don't know how much you can take
Full of shame trying to make the decision
Don't look back if you go because...

Runaway-leave all the messed up life ...

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How much are these coins worth?

hey I have these two coins one is kind of a penny color but it looks worn so it could have been gold color there not round they look hand made and I think there spanish one is silverish and the other is goldish but there faded soo. the golg one is abo...

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How do I get my ex out of my house?

I went through a divorce almost a year ago, we bought a house after we were married and my name is the only name on the loan. I'm in the military and can't and will not be around drugs. She started using about 1 1/2 year into the marrige and I tried ...

38 views · Love & Relationships

Why do I feel so resentful?

My grandparents are gifting money away to all of their grandchildren this year. The reason being is for tax purposes. Each grand children will receive 26,000. Each grandchild's spouse will receive 26,000. And each grandchild's child will receive 26,000...

82 views · Parents & Family

How do I let my boyfriend know that I am ready/want to get engaged?

I am 21 and my boyfriend of 1 year is 27. We met in college, he was a grad student and just got his masters of education. I am still in school, studying science and trying to pinpoint a career that will align with his and my goals for life.

Our ...

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What do you think of my book?

Ok so I had to put whatever title I could find!ok anyways here it is
As I pack, I speak urgently with nathan
"so your mom is going to marry you off"? Nathan asks. " yeah pretty much. I just cant believe she is marrying me off t...

26 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Why are certain questions deleted off this site?

For instance, I saw a question asked titled 'Can birds fly?'.
Now I know, my first opinion was this guy is an idiot, but trying to give advice I said ' well, most can'. I then decided I'll find a list of birds that can't fly to elaborate on my previous...

21 views · FunAdvice Community

I can't live at home anymore!

I'm a middle child, Older sister and Younger brother. It seems that my brother gets anything he wants, my parents always are helping my sister. My sister is 22, married and has 2 kids, my brother is 15, I'm 19.

I have been working since I was 15, My...

128 views · Parents & Family

Bringing Exyback?

Yesterday, I met up with an ex... after not seeing him for 4+ months.
We hung out for around four hours, and in that time, we were... Close. Like we used to be.

And a while before we said bye, he said "it doesnt mean anything".
He meant that the day d...

19 views · Love & Relationships

My soon to be in-laws are talking about me behind my back.

my soon to be in-laws have been talking about me behind my back, and its two weeks before the wedding. I found out what they were saying from my soon to be brother in law and I know he wouldn't lie to me we are really close. I'm still in college and ge...

81 views · Parents & Family

Is this a good time to start a family?

I am a 29 yr old psychology student and my boyfriend is a 31 yr old law student. We don't have lots of money, actually we live off of student loans. We rent our home and pay all the normal bills. We have known each other for 15 years and have bee datin...

23 views · Kids

How do I get her off WoW?

I was close friends with a girl. We both played the same MMO Ragnarok Online, and we were playing that together, on the same private server, until around 2-3 months ago.

Then I started going all lovey-dovey over her, and started making her feel unco...

42 views · Entertainment

Another peoem that needs a name please

ok I've been writing poetry and this is my newest one. I need help picking a title. some feed back would be nice! thanks... Note: this is copywritten... do not take my work or I will take legal action if I find out... thanks =D

When I see you walkin...

11 views · Art, Writing & Literature

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