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Fun thing boyfriend summer

What are some fun awesome things to do when your bored?

Im bored a lot and im running out of things to do when im bored. Anyone have any ideas?

55 views · Entertainment

What should I give my boyfriend for his summer trip?

My boyfriend is leaving for summer and I want to give him something of mine to take with him. Suggestions??

56 views · Love & Relationships

What fun things can I do with my 13mth old daughter?

What are things or places I can take my 13mth old daughter to play and have fun but also learn?

11 views · Kids NSFW

What are some sexual things to do with your boyfriend?

I have a few things in mind but I need more so guys what are some things you like,and girls good any ideas?

555 views · Sex

What are some fun things to do when hanging out with friends?

just want to know what other people do I know I do a lot of things people wont think about

22 views · Entertainment

What are some fun things to do in Panama, Florida (besides the beach)?

I'm going to Panama soon and i am a teenager. What are some things to do other than the beach?

33 views · Travel NSFW

Is there such thing as not ready for a boyfriend?

This ties in with the fact I don`t want a boyfriend, but am I right in saying I`m not ready for one?

17 views · Love & Relationships

Is it a sexy thing to give my boyfriend my virginity for his birthday?

im ready and i wnt him to be the one

122 views · Sex NSFW

What are fun things to do with my son?

what are fun things to do with my 14 year old son. Need to get him away from 360 and t.v.

223 views · Kids

some ideas of fun things to do?

im really bored and I dont know what to do...can someone give me some ideas of fun things to do???:D

43 views · Entertainment

Fun Crazy Things To Do This Summer?!?

What are some fun things me and my BFF can do this summer?
we're both 15
we already now about swimming and movies and sh** liek that
so far we have:
-go streaking through town
-go skinny dipping
-do the whole sidewalk on her street in chalk
-play baseb...

2678 views · Gaming & Games

What are some fun things to do for family night?

Age appropriate as well for kids 10 and 6 years old

18 views · Parents & Family

Fun things to look up on the Internet!!!

Hey im bored what are some fub thibgs to look up on the internet or even on youtube??

634 views · Computers & Tech

special things 2 do for boyfriend

what are some special things you can do for your boyfriend who is alway stressed out. I want to do something for him that will tell him how much he means to me and how much I love him.

59 views · Love & Relationships

Fun things for a sleepover

I really wanna have a sleepover with 2 people and we can never find anything to do =( what are some good fun things to do at my house?

94 views · Entertainment NSFW

What are some sweet, sexy things I could say to my boyfriend?

We spend a lot of time on the phone with each other... he always says the sweetest things to me! What are some sweet, sexy things I could say to him???

62 views · Sex NSFW

what are some things to do to my boyfriend 2 turn him on while at school??

I no thngs 2 make him horny and turn him on but I need sumthngs 2 do while we are at school thnx in advance

98 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

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