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What is the general cost for having a cat declawed?

I've never had a cat declawed, as I find it inhumane, but I have one cat whose claws grow into hooks. Even when we trim them, she isn't able to retract them, and she often gets "hung up" on furniture and we have to wiggle her claws out to get her down....

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Kitty Cat

Am I able to train kittens NOT to jump on my furniture before they become cats? Are they smart enough?
Also can you train them to comeon command?
If I got a cat, it would stay indoors, like my Yorkshire Terrier, Tanner.
I have fallen in love with a kit...

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Why hasn't this been invented?

I heard that when something is plugged into the wall and turned off, it still uses up electricity. Why isn't there something that detects when the device is off and 'unplugs' it from the outlet, or shuts off power to that specific outlet? Would it be t...

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What is the strongest possible pesticide that can really work on getting rid of bed bugs?

Please can anyone help me!!!!! I recently moved into this house that i know now was and is infested with bed bugs. I really really need to get rid of them for the safety of my baby and mysefl. I dont have the kinda money to just up and move and i real...

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My puppy is afraid of everything

I have a 5 month old Belgian Malinos that is afraid of everything. She will not even go outside if the wind is blowing. How can I help her get past her fears? We go to the Dog Park every weekend and she seems to play with dogs and greet people without ...

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Teen bedroom idea?

ok. my room is small. it has a eggshell wallcolor and whiteISH carpet that is kinda grey at the same time.. cant explaine that.. but it has white trim. my furniture is mixed colors. I am on a low budget and I CANT paint the walls so DONT SAY ...

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Convince for a cat?

I want a kitten so bad! But my mom won't let me, she say we can't afford it, but belive me we can, she doesnt want a cat, and cause she thinks we have to much pets, we dont, we only have three, a hamster a dog and a chinchilla,and she doesn't even help...

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Bedbugs how can I tell?

I am worried that my 10 year old is being attacked by bedbugs. I have had exterminators come out to inspect, 3 different ones, one guy said yes and the other 3 said no. I have changed my son's bedding and use allergie protective mattress covers and a ...

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Mother-in-law and sister-in-law trouble

My sister-in-law's husband works overseas for the state department and is afghanistan for a year. She is currently living 3 and a half hours from my mother-in-law who is 78.{her mother} she has two children ages 10 and 12 that my children don't really ...

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How do I tell my parents I want to move out?

ok well heres the situation.

I live in australia and im 17. no im not those immature 17 years olds that say they want to move out because they cant go to parties or whatever. thats just stupid.

I've had enough, I have been with my boyfriend for 2 and...

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When will my baby walk?

My son iss 11 months old, and has been cruising around furniture since he was 7 months. he is now standing perfectly on his own (started a couple of days ago). im just wondering when he'll start to walk. I know one year plus is norm, but then other ...

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Why does my boyfriend want space?

My ex and I have only been together almost 5 months. I know it's short but right when I met him we hung out the one night, two days later we were together. Within two weeks we found ourselves saying we loved eachother and meant it. He told everyone you...

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What can I do to make my room awesome with bad carpet?

Ok I have really ugly carpet. I love wood for a bedroom, but mom says I cant tear up the carpet. it was originally light pink, but has faded so much its closer to an ugly white... Like white with the tinyest pigment of pink in it. its horrible. my ...

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Dog Survey!!!

Dog Survey!!!

1. How Many?

2. Name(s)?

3. Gender?

4. Their Birthday?

5. Age?

6. What trick scan they do?

7. Nickname?
(I call my dog, Jack, Jackers!)

8. Breed?

---On a scale of 1-10---

9. Cute level?

10. Smartness?

11. Nice?


Does you...

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How will bug dusting effect leather couch and chaise lounge?

I have seen about a dozen Larder Beetles, killed live ones. They seem to reappear. How do I get rid of them permanently? I eliminated clothing on the floor, yet I saw one crawling across my living room floor! I have leather furniture so I am worried ab...

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Why is there flames in the picture?

I was having a talk with my dad about the house, I only live with him. But we've both said we can hear footsteps around the house in the night, he thinks its the cat, but I said its too heavy and loud to be a small cat. Also I hear scraping of furnitur...

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Why the pee and poo everywhere but the sandbox?

We have an elderly cat (18 years) that pees and poohs everything but the sandbox. We love and her and try and make her feel comfortable, keeping her sandbox clean and fresh and praising her when and if she uses it, but she still prefers to pee all over...

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Legs are so sore. Can hardly walk.

I can hardly walk, its like limping when I am walking. Its very very sore to walk. I feel like my legs are about to drop off. One of my legs is worse then the other leg, I feel like I have bruised my leg but I cannot see the bruise so I think that its ...

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Will a full size bed fit in my bedroom?


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12 yr old cat soon to be put down?

I have a 12 yr old cat its really annoying the hell outta me lol...The thing will meow and meow and meow ( as if its in heat ) yet I've been told by my mother in law to be that he has been fixed..(she used to own the cat before us) Im assuming it...

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