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How can I improve my voice?

I love singing and I'd like to sing for other people but my voice is rather depressing.

38 views · Music

how do you improve hand writing

I want to improve my hand writing because my hand writn is extreamly bad with bouth hands and I cant stand it

45 views · Art, Writing & Literature

how can we improve in life?

how can we improve in life iam 15 year old?give me a fantastic answer who can give me a advice?

18 views · Entertainment

How can I improve my stamina, strength and agility???

What can I do to greatly improve my agility, strength and stamina?? Can anyone recomend any excercises or types of excercise that will improve them a lot???

34 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Is improv the base of acting?

I heard somewhere that it is & it helps actors be better at acting so,does anyone know?

42 views · Education & School

home improvent tv show

how come they never showed wilsons chin? it got annoying that they never showed his chin

43 views · Entertainment

How can I improve my personality and create a better daily routine?

is there any good sites from where i can fetch more info about it ?

14 views · General Knowledge

How to improve my spoken English?

I'm a chinese. I arrived in America a few monthes ago. My spoken and listening English is poor. How to improve my spoken English?

39 views · Education & School

How can I improve my blood circulation?

How can I improve my blood circulation in home conditions? Cause I don't want to buy medicine or something like that.

45 views · Health

How to improve the carret juice of skin glowing?

I have listen that the carret juice improve the face glowing are it sure. and when it drink in morning or evening.

15 views · Beauty & Style

how to improve complexion

my skin complexion is very dark.. is there any way to improve it? I don't want to be white atleast weatish can I become???

10 views · Beauty & Style

How can I improve my erection in natural way?

I dont want to use any pills or something like that.are there some natural ways?

44 views · Health

How can I improve my spanish?

I have a HUGE spanish test comeing up and I don't know anything, It's not that I don't study because I do I just CAN'T do it, CAN'T remmember any of it.
Please help!

39 views · Education & School NSFW

what could I do to improve my appearance?

I think im cute but I think theres probably stuff I could do to look better.

11 views · Beauty & Style

How can I improve my art grade?

I always practice and i get As but the mark is always 91% any other way i could bump up my grades?

16 views · Education & School

how do I improve my shot?

Im like 50% from the 3 point line and im a startin shooting gaurd so what shall I do to improve my shot

28 views · Sports & Activities

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