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What if the bank account I listed and verified on my PayPal account is now closed?

I used to have a bank account, and then I signed up for PayPal.

I verified my bank account with PayPal and everything. Now, the bank account I had is closed, but it still shows up on my PayPal account as verified.

Can I still use my PayPal accou...

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Who knows any good Lloyd Banks tracks?

Looking for something with a sick beat to it, any goof French Montana would be nice also. I just heard "check me out" by lb and it gets me so pumped, I need more Haha

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How can I sue a bank?

If a person used a fake ssi number and other peoples ssi numbers to get loans and morgages from a bank. And then commited suicide because they got caught. Can I sue the banks for wrongful death? Because the bank did not do the back ground checks and le...

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What are some banking insults?

What would a banker say? Like if someone said 'Don't bite my head off!' if they were getting angry, what could a banker say to do with their job? Like to do with debts, loans, credit cards or whatever hehe or just make something up x) Thankies ^-^

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Are we all now vassals of the central banks?

With the control of the global economy at the mercy of the better discretion of a few, greedy power brokers, do you feel as though you're subjected to their whims, or do you still have faith in your free volition to effect a future prosperity?

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A bank card question.

Please read carefully:

Can you use a bank card to buy online game currency (Furcadia in my case) IF you use paypal? Because they have a thing called a Digo Market, where you buy the online currency and characters and what not, and paypal is an optio...

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Is there an alternative to trading through ICIC bank of India?

Online trading has become very popular. I am from India here still offline trading people prefer to do. Where as many people started doing trading online. Ofcourse here in my country to do online trading one should a account on some of the online bank ...

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Anyone know what happened to Ant Banks or Goldy?

Ant Banks & Goldy were two of the "dangerous crew" that rapped with Too Short. I've been listening to Too Short since I was in middle school...:) However, the last album Ant Banks did was a compilation he produced, but didn't rap on, and Goldy only did...

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Only if you seen 2day's episode of the Tyra Banks Show

I have seen 2day's episode of Tyra Banks and I really enjoyed it. now 2 me, Tyra seems like she dosent wanna talk but she points out some very good points. now on 2day's episode, she talked about racial views. I juss wanna no how you guys feel after th...

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How do I get a replacement bank card?

I'm 16 and i was offered a paid internship. The internship only pays through direct deposit. So I need my bank card. I am the secondary person on the account because I am a minor and my mother is the primary . I need to get a replacement bank card asap...

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Getting lost money from a bank back?

alright I don't know if this is possible but is there anything to do about it? My mom went to take out $350 from one bank and put it in the other, she withdrawled the money and went over to the other bank and now hte money was gone. she went back, and ...

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I wanna get a motorcycle but my dad said to wait till i get at lease 5000$ in the bank,

i barely have 500$
i have a job and only work on Saturdays and i cant work more often....
how can i make money faster ?? i really need help im almost done reading my motorcycle book for my license
help A.S.A.P please

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How can I get in contact with my bank after hours; they should have an emergency line right?

I was calling my 24 hour phone banking center to check my balance and it said to enter in my account number and pin number. I did so and then it said my account was going to be locked!!!! i tried speaking to an operator, but they are closed until Monda...

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American overchared by the Royal bank of Canada

Has the Royal Bank of Canada ever taken too much money from you when you buy stuff in Canada using an American bank card? and if so how did you know/get your money back. I bank with Bank of America and I understand that a fee will be accrued whenever...

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Any good personal blogs of people working in big investment banks?

As a business school student, I am quite worry about the future job opportunities in investment banking business.

I want to have a sense of how those investment bankers’ daily work like. And I also want to prepare myself well for future investment ...

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lied on bank application

so I was online the other day filling out an application for a checking account from bank of america. when I entered my birthday it said "error must be over 18 to apply" ( Im 16) so I put another birthday and continued with my social security etc.. th...

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How can someone convicted of bank fraud get a job?

I have been searching for a job for 15 months and can't find one.
I am conviced of Bank Fraud and i am alway honest about the conviction but not luck of getting any job. I have owned my own business in the past and i start looking for jobs relates to ...

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Question about my bank account.

Hi. I am of the age 17 and im thinking of buying a small bit of adult content. The way it works is, you enter your personal bank account number, last 4 ss numbers, address ect. ect. The site is extremely legitimate, you may have heard of it, its called...

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What does this mean? (Bank Statements)

Okay, so I need to plan out for the next 3+ years how much money I will have in my savings account. Will someone please explain what this stuff means. I'm so confused! This is the information they gave me.
Annual Percentage- 0.350%
Divided Rate- 0.35...

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What would you do at the bank?

Your in your local bank making a withdraw, then a group of three burglers pop through the front doors and
Announce "we da burglers baby! !" 5 minutes later the police show up and surround the building...the burglers
Give you out of all of the hostages...

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