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plants and music


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Why is my rubber plant losing leaves?

why is my rubber plant suddenly dropping leaves

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chinese money plant

do they shed some leaves in the winter

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Pointsetta Plant

How Long Will A Pointsetta Last If You Take Care Of It?

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Pretty plants to grow?

Whats the most prettiest flowers to grow

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FunAdvice Trivia: Technically, the Banana plant is what sort of plant?

A) Shrub/Bush
B) Vine
C) Herb
D) Fern

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How to keep gnats away from my jade plant?

my jade plant is attracting nats what do I do?

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Rubber plants

All of the leaves fell off of my rubber plant, is it dead or will it grow back?

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Why do people get stressed from retail?

How come people get stressed out from working in retail buisness.

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Can music make plants grow?

Can music make plants grow? What kind of music would you use?

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long term care for chinese money plant

how do I repot a chinese money plant

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What can I plant in July?

What types of vegetables can I plant in July in upstate New York?

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whole and retail?

whats the difference between wholesale and retail. what does each word mean?

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what music help plants grow better?

what music help plants grow better classical or symphony?

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How do I take care of gerber daisies that I planted in the gr

How do I take care of gerber daisies that I planted in the ground?

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centipedes on my plant

there is hundreds of centipedes on my sure they are centipedes.should I kill them???

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