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Pressional photography

Do you guys think that, in the future, I could possibly go for a job or career in photography?

I've attached some of my pictures from my trip to California. They were taken with my boyfriend's 7 mega pixel digital camera so I did the best I could from what little I knew of the camera and the camera itself. I would appreciate some advice and opin...

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How much space is needed to make an at home photography 'studio'?

I dont have much space in my house that i can use. There might soon be an empty room though im going to try to convince my mom to let me use as an art studio. And i was wondering if it would be enough room to set up a photography backdrop as well? its ...

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How to prepare for a career in (music) photography?

I am interested in becoming a professional music photographer. (also wildlife, fashion, ect. but music being my main interest). How would I prepare for a career in this, and succed in getting it? Also, if you know, what are some good colleges in new yo...

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How am I going to come up with 30 ideas about Photography?

I'm really behind in my Co-op and we had to make daily logs about what we did everyday. Well my placement is the newspaper, and I'm 6 weeks behind. Meaning that I have to catch up a LOT haha. My teacher has told me I can talk about anything that has to...

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What can I do with interests in photography and dance?

I graduated high school a year ago, went to college for a semester and hated it. I think it was just my major though. I was majoring in photography, but could not stand having to go through 2 years of painting, sculpting, and sketching first... before ...

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Best cameras for professional photography?

I love photography, and I already have a fujifilm semi-professional camera (I think it's about 6 megapixels), but yeah,, it's my birthday in a month and my mam and dad said I could get a professional one if I wanted since I'm really into that sorta thi...

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Where can I get a good camera?

does anyone know where I can get a good camera for photography?

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Wondering if anyone was from Shutterstock ? Or could tell me how to upload my photography ??

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What type of camera should I get?

I'm beginning to love photography, and I'm wanting a not too expensive camera for a beginner in photography. I don't want anything too over the top, just something decent. Something that is good. Any suggestions?

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How much would you pay for a wedding photographer?

I've done a few weddings (for free), and worked at a photography studio for years doing portraits. I'm thinking of photography as a side job. How much do you think I should charge to do a wedding?

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Good/favourite photographers?

Just wondering about your opinions.

Who and why? They can be photographers from a little while ago (obviously not that long since photography isn't that old), or still living :)

Im looking to check some ones out for ideas for my own photography e...

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Who is your favorite photographer?

I was just wondering which photographers people like. And also what kind of photography.
I really like nature photographs.
What about you?

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Need a name

I need help trying to figure out a name for my photography I have it as ec photography but a lot of people are already using that name so I want to make up a different one me and my sister are teaming up and going to make a website for our photography ...

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What contests can teens enter?

What can teens enter to win DSLR cameras? Or just money?

Like photography contests, essay contests, etc.

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What does it take to be a photographer?

I absolutely love photography and taking pictures. What does it take to be a photographer? Anyone from photo bucket? Any advise? Thanks!!

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What would be a good camera to buy?

I need to buy a camera to start putting together a photography portfolio. I have a kodak c613 and it is a good camera in general, but it doesnt give me the quality im looking for to have my photography taken seriously. what would be a good (yet afforda...

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What types of stuff or places should I take pictures....?

I'm blank on ideas as of right now. What type of places or stuff should I take pictures of to benefit me and my photography skills?

31 views · Computers & Tech

What should I major in?

I am not good enough in any suybject to major in, not good enough at art, or anything. Except there a major of photography?
Did any of you attend East Carolina University? That is my dream to go there. please help me, I wish there wa...

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Bedroom help

I want to redo my room, but I don’t know where to start. I know I want to have a black and white (photography) themed room. I will hang only black and white photos on the room, but I also wanted to incorporate film cassettes somehow. I’m not too sure w...

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Is Canon PowerShot A520 a manual camera?

I'm planning ahead for my junior year in high school and want to take photography as my elective choice once I get out of required classes. I was reading in the art conservatory section of the school website and it said that to take Beginner/Advanced ...

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