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Individual counseling

Why can't individual case / common sense be applied ?

Bullying: in America, when two kids "fight", even when one kid is totally innocent and only defends himself or even does not throw a punch because he is being pummeled, they BOTH ARE SUSPENDED - Why can't individual case / common sense be applied ?

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My 'mate' becca, todaii, shouted out I need to see a counseller

Ok, so apparently I need to see a counseller but anyway, my 'mate' becca, todaii, shouted out infront of the whole of my history class that I need to see a counseller and I was going to kill myself!

How can I get revenge? I am sooo angry with her!

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my friend really wants me to get some counselling, I"ve been cutting and other crap and I'm only getting worse. but I really don't want to.
anyway, how much would it cost to see an average counsellor???
please help.
xx thanx

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Drug and alcohol counseling

I was just looking through courses to take in college for September - there was only one that really jumped out at me which was 'Drug and alcohol counseling'. I think I would really enjoy this course because there are so many drug/alcohol addicts in th...

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I was cutting myself and apperently one of my friends saw the cuts and told the counselor. He called my mom and now my parents know. my dad wants me to do counseling but I don't want to. Did anyone ever do counseling?? does it help? I really don't wann...

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Is it possible to deliver one e-mail to mail server with its individuals.

My hosting enable to send 750 e-mails per hour.
I have about 800 subscribers.
By PHP I filteringed system the emails addresses and group them by mail server.

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Tattoos and being individual

I was with my dad at a tattoo parlour the other day. my dad was like
"you have to have something original.. something no one else has."
and then the guy who was I dunno, just in the parlour said..
"but having no tattoos, or piercings at all makes me mo...

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How do I get my parents to send me to counselling for depression?

I have been cutting for more than a year now and I've tried to stop many times. I've been depressed for more than a year also. I've told them I was depressed and they did nothing. I told them I wanted to talk to a psychiatrist and they didn't do anythi...

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Why do so many people in America get counselling?

Ok, first off, I’m not trying to suggest any kind of weakness in anyone, so please don’t take offence to this genuine question.

Why do so many people in America get counselling?

I get the impression from the media (films, internet etc) that most...

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My mom and dad want to put me back in counseling

What can I do to try to get my parents to not get me to counseling again I tried that and it was a very long story!! But after my favorite teacher dragged me out of counseling because she didn't think I needed counseling I had a really good attitude an...

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Why do I need counseling just because my friend died?

Okay, so my best friend died 6 months ago at the age of 13... and only a couple of weeks ago did my mother take me to the doctors against my will. My doctor and mother both agree that I need counseling, but since that visit I've been working on it. I r...

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How to get my parents to allow me to have counseling?

I k now I need counselling for depression. I've been told so by proffessionals. but my parents just said that going to see the professional was a waste of time. I know I cant see a professional outside school because my dad works too late to take me, b...

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counseling without parents knowing...

im 16 years old and I kinda have some issues I need to deal with. im not at all close to my parents and I really need to talk to someone about everything going on. but my parents are against the whole therapy thing so I was wondering if anybody had som...

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What if I still think I'm fat after counseling?

I was told that I was a bulimic 2 years ago, my weight decreased rapidly, I am 5ft7 and at one point I weighd 6 stone. Through the help of my nutritionist I am on the road to recovery my weight is now just under 8 stone, I still have cravings to make ...

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individualism/ interdependent

Most of use conceive fo the self as an inherent part of who we are, constant, coherent, and stable. Still social psychologist view th self as constructed over time. Please describe how early life experiances and culture might influence the development ...

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Does your Pastor counsel you?

Does your Pastor counsel you?
Well, I'm asking this question, because whenever I have problems or concerns, I go to my LDS Branch President for guidance and counsel. I also go to him to help me repent whenever I sinned.
So, I was wondering, if your ...

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How many individuals of any given species are required to create an entirely new population?

My father is a biology professor and researcher, so he would know, but he is most likely sleeping at the moment. I need the information sooner than later as I am working on a personal project and I can't be certain I'll feel able to finish it up tomorr...

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How do I stop cutting without having to go to counseling?

So I cut myself and I've tried to stop but I cant seem to. My boyfriend even said that if he saw me with cuts on my wrists again he would hurt himself and that would hopefully make me stop. he doesn't like to see me do that to myself. and I want to sto...

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How to get over depression without counseling?

how do you get rid of depression with out the help of mental health counselors?
also what can you do to get sleep in your house if everybody who lives there is making a lot of noise really late at night or coughing all night? I need some answers people...

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Should I have counseling following my friend's behavior?

ok, so there's this girl named tanya. well, I was just on myspace and she sent me a message telling me to stop following her around; im not her dog and she doesnt really care about my problems. now I thought this girl was my friend. so I had to delete ...

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