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How to clear my stuffy nose from allergies?

my allergies are terrible. i'm taking allegra because i'm pretty sure its my allergies, but my nose is so annoying! any tips?


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physician assisted suicide

I don't really know much about the subject, but I was just listening to a few of my friends arguing about it and I was just wondering... what are your opinions?

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Allergy to latex

How would you know it you are allergic to latex??

Like... so many things are latex...
and I wanted to know how people first find out if they are allergic to it...

38 views · Health

Who knows if there a way to change physician?

like say someone moved to a new town, could they get a new Physicians? or any others way

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Who's a good plastic surgeon for my ugliness?

Please confirm that I am ugly and that all hope is lost for me. Please recommend plastic surgeons especially ones that have a monthly payment plan.

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How many years of university would it take to become a successful cardiovascular surgeon?

Just need an approximate guess..

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Cat allergies?

I have a cat but I sneeze sometimes when im around him and break out, I dont want to get rid of him and im not getting shotts. Suggestions?

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Does the ionic breeze from sharper image help with allergies?

Does the ionic breeze from sharper image help with allergies? I am considering getting an ionic breeze to help with my seasonal allergies...I see their informercial all the time, and I think sharper image has been selling those for a while. Do they hel...

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How severe is Celiac's disease (allergy to wheat)?

How severe is celiacs disease? The new found health concern that says it's an allergy to wheat, barley, etc. How can you help someone who may feel they are going through this?

16 views · Health

Problem on allergy

Dear doctor,
I have a allergy disease , in my skin , since whenever I hurt my skin or rub my skin its become red and little painful and acne . How can I
Solve my problem ?

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What are the major symptoms of a Latex allergy?

I'm experiencing extreme nausea, cramping, and chest pain. If this is serious i'd like to know.

29 views · Health

What can help red itchy eyes from allergies?

My eyes are red and swollen, I've been sneezing and am miserable. I've tried benedryl and it isn't working anything else I can try?

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What are the personal characteristics of a pediatric nurse?

I'm typing up an essay on becoming a pediatric nurse, and one of the requirements to write about was the personal characteristics of a pediatric nurse. I need atleast 5 different characteristics listed. Please & thank you. =)

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Cat allergies?

My cat , simon, is really weird. I think that he might actually have brain damage. Also, he rubs his nose against everything. I think his nose is itchy or something, and now his nose is starting to bleed! Does he have allergies? What should I do?

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Is the National Academy of Future Physicians real?

Is this organization legit? I got a letter from them inviting me to attend some kind of event. Anyone else heard of them, or is this a scam?

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Best way to deal with allergies to cats?

What is the best way to deal with allergies to cats? Several friends & family have acquired a cat as a pet over the last few years, and my allergies to them have gotten worse. Is taking some kind of allergy medication the only way to deal with this, as...

36 views · Pets & Animals

How to Stop... My Allergies

My Allergies.. I'm allergic to my cats, but they're always inside.. I don't normally have such bad reactions to them but now I can't control it!!! any way to reduce this in a few minutes or something? I can't take it anymore!!

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Is it allergy season?

The reason I bring that up is cause yesterday my nose was stuffed up and I was sneezing all day,then come to today,my eye starts getting water in every class,is this apart of some allergy I don't know of and allergy season?

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Problem on allergy

This is mithun,

I have an allegy in my skin, whenever I rub or try to hurt my skin its colour become
Red and its continuously itching and after few minutes its beome normal , how can I solve it?

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