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How do you check a rifle to see if it's safe?

How do you rsp a rifle (safety check it)? All I know already is put the safety on, then pull the bolt back, then I check to see if there's no magazines, but then what do I do?? Don't worry I'm not wishing to kill anyone, it's for my test at cadets.

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How to make your own tattoo?

how do you use a needle and pen ink 2 do your own tattoos. and no safety or stupid talks alrit

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Is there any law against having van door opens?

I know the weather can be brutal some days bur is there some type of law against having doors open do to safety reasons?

11 views · Politics & Law

What if theres brown stuff in my lip from were I pierced it?

I pierced my lip my myself with a safety pin and it started swelling up so I took it out and now on the inside of my mouth theres a lot of swelling and theres brownish stuff in it to

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Why dugouts?

Any idea why baseball uses a dugout? I mean obviously it is for safety when a foul ball is hit but why not just a fence? And how did it ever get started?

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what should I do to my Converse?

okay, I have a pair of black converse all stars with red stitching, my supplies to punk them out are: 1 paperclip, 1 black Sharpie, and 7 safety pins. what should I do to my converse?

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What are, if any, *safe* teen sites to chat?

To be more specific; are there any websites where you can ensure safety while chatting? Sometimes I'd like a person to talk to that I don't know whatsoever, just to well, chat?

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Would this be out of line?

I am transfering to a larger apartment in the same complex. Would it be out of line to ask if the maintenance could install cabinet safety locks before I move in if I buy the equiptment?

9 views · Home & Garden

Please help I don't know what to do.

I'm really upset and don't know what to do as really like this site and made good friends here.

The problem is now because of my age and safety I can not send any funmail at all to people who are not my friend even if they are the same age as me.

17 views · General Knowledge

What is your idea of ''taking a break''?

To me, it's translation for: I don't wanna be with you, but I want to keep my options open with you in case my safety net fails.... People say otherwise.. What's the definition of taking a break?

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Can't get stud through my labret piercing

I just pieced my lip but with a safety pin but I tried to put my stud in (which is the right size) but it won't go through. Now the hole I just made closed up,
but how can I help the stud go through

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Need help making name for invention.

I am inventing a safety globe that gooes over a sparkler for fourth of july for kids for fun. It will be plastic and light up but what shoud I call it?
What names do people think?

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lips pierced! (snakebites) around Chicago close to hyde park?

where can I get my lips pierced! (snakebites) around Chicago close to hyde park?!?
or a safety place??? and how much does snake bites cost?? Like a goodplace???
and how much would they b!???

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helpful meaningful class

Okay does any one know of any child safety classes? allergy classes? First aid classes? anything children related in the oklahoma city ((del city okc midwest city)) area??

15 views · Love & Relationships

Shaving the neck

im 14 grade 9 and I've got a hairy neck, I think it stime to shvae there, but I wanted to get some advice before I went in for it. are there any techniques or anything I should know for safety when shaving the neck?

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What do you think about the sl*t walk in Toronto?

A while ago an officer suggested that young women not dress like "slu.ts" for their own safety. Women then marched in Toronto against this. What do you think about it? After a long talk about this, my friend and I concluded that a woman should not be b...

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Parents & People on the internet help?

how do I convince my parents that not everyone you meet on the internet is a physco rapist? lol...

I mean really.

please,help thanks.

dont preach to me about """internet safety""",,,...okay?
Just answer the question if you answer at all, haha.


13 views · Computers & Tech

Can I be 14 and babysit?

I am 14 and I am looking for a little extra money, I love kids, and I don't charge much, I am willing to babysit reasonable hours because I do still have to go to school. [Location and phone number removed for safety and solicitation reasons!]

41 views · Jobs & Money

How do you do your septum?

How do you do them? What makes them hurt less? (for those of us whose parents won't let us get them done until we're eighteen, and we don't want to wait) :d & around what gauge is a safety pin, just out of curiousity.

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how should I tell my mom I had sex with my boyfriend when in 15?

okay so im 15 and I've been going out with my boyfriend for 6 months and we started having sex when we were dating for 4 months and I dont no how to tell her becuase I want to go on the pill not cause im scared im pregnant I just want to for safety lol

183 views · Sex NSFW

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