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How do I lose all most 300 pounds in less then 9 months

I am all most 400 pounds and I want to be 160ish but I at least want to be 190 in less then 9 months but I don't want to do to much exercise I will do some but not more then like a hour a day and I have a hard time with food cause I am wicked picky cau...

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Blemishes on face

I dont work so stay home most of the time.wash my face in the morning and before sleeping too with scrub or good face wash.I also keep applying tomato scrub, milk ,raw potatoes or moisturizers for making it glow. Everytime I m in sun , I apply sunscree...

48 views · Beauty & Style

How can I lose weight without limiting myself??

ok so I really want to lose weight, QUICKLY! I reaallly want a thin tummy and slimer legs, but I don't want to limit myself to gross "diet" foods or pills!
what are some great fat-burning exercises (that work the fastest) and ways to do cardio within ...

66 views · Nutrition & Fitness

My body suddenly became muscular with no workout?

Ok so i'm 16, male, 5'5" I skateboard and i'm a gamer. I've gotten used to my skinny build but a couple of weeks ago my body suddenly became muscular.. I started to notice my muscles are toned and I may or may not have abs, its kinda like its there but...

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What are your favorite Christmas Memories and Traditions?

As I have been unpacking ornaments and untangling the lights I have been reminiscing. I have many favorite Christmas memories and traditions. My favorite was always the Mother's basket. Simply put, us kids and our dad all watched my step-mom throughout...

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What else can I do to lose weight?

Okay, so I'm 16, 5'3" and over weight ( I wear a size 14). big suprise right? I eat healthy. Salads, fruit, plenty of water, excerise, the whole thing. But, I can never lose weight. I get very self conscience about myself around my guy friends, an...

33 views · Nutrition & Fitness

I am that selfish girl friend...

I think im selfish... we both know im jealous. but dont you think it sad when you loath your boy friends dad because he did something that his dad totally deserved just a small letter hat even made him cry.. I want a letter from him that made him cry....

34 views · Love & Relationships

Need some weight loss help..

So I'm overweight..and I'm sick of being this way..I really want to lose weight but the problem is I can't & won't eat vegetables I can't stand the taste..I don't know why but I just can't I dry reach if I eat them..and the only fruit I eat is apples.....

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carb diets

I know it sounds like im obsessing over my weight but I REALLY want to loose weight to look good in a bathing suit. Im 13 years old and im 5'3 or 5'2 and I weiigh 113-115 or something. I want to loose 10 pounds. my dad is on the carb diet and he doesnt...

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Is this a healthy diet- 15 year old?

This is my average diet during the holidays

Oats made with low fat rice milk
Banana and rice milk smoothie

Gnocchi with napoletana sauce

2 plums then gelato (weekend treat :), wouldnt usually have it thou...

47 views · Nutrition & Fitness

why is it every time i eat and drink i get acid ?

i never used to get it , i used to get it when i had oranges and apples so i cut them out of my diet and i was fine now ever since i got ill with my tooth infection i keep getting it really bad , my dad suffers from acid reflux but im not sure if i...

26 views · Health

How much weight can I lose?

I've recently started going to the gym. Its been about a month, I go 4 times a week. First I walk around my entire campus then I go to the gym.. I work out for 1 hour and 30 mins.. Not including my walking before. How much weight can I lose by doing th...

35 views · Nutrition & Fitness

How much weight will I lose with this diet & excercise?

I'm not drastically overweight. I'm about 114lbs, and around 5ft 3. I FEEL fat. I hate it. When I sit down I have this load of fat. I'm in tears about it EVERY NIGHT. I've been through it all. I'm a recovering bulimic. Don't judge, please. I am honestl...

49 views · Nutrition & Fitness

I need help I am obese and need to lose weight

Hi. 4 years ago I weighed around 180 so I was overweight then. But then I got sick with Gastroparesis and IBS-D and since then, I haven't any idea how, but I gained even more weight and now I am 210 at 5'4. I am in constant pain in my back and it hurt...

64 views · Nutrition & Fitness

how can I loose 7 kg in 2 months???plzz help

well I m 53 kg and my hight iz 5.3". I was 46 kg but now ...anyway need to loose weight in 2 months atleast 6or 7 kg .am nt eating 2 much am on diet already.I normally eat yogurt in morning just 55 kcl.and 1 cup tea without suger and a very lil skimed ...

125 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Is my diet healthy?

I am trying to go on a diet again. I work a lot so time to work out is lmited, also I LOVE FOOD :) Who doesnt? Anyways I am going to change the way I eat and start to do some cardio at least 3 times a week, and then build it does this diet soun...

34 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Please help safe big belly

I am a 14 year old boy. I am overweight but not too much. I am actually the right weight for my height but 99% of my fat is on my belly. I want to scare some people by safely making my belly huge (enormous,obese,giant) for about a day. After this I wan...

18 views · Nutrition & Fitness

How to lose ten pounds?

Okay so I'll introduce you to my life.
Last year I was 145 pounds and during the course of the school year I lost 15-18 pounds.
During the summer I was 128.
I went back to school and I got down to 118.
But now I shot back up to 124.

I am 5'9 and...

24 views · Nutrition & Fitness

I need your guys's help telling me weather or not this diet will work

im starting tomorrow. and im ending it on the 11 of august. im trying to lose 6 pounds in between these times. a am 13 and 5 foot one and a half and I weigh 120 pounds. im f=going to drink eight cups of water a day evenly. no junk food. and ill eat wha...

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Randomly FUN Quiz:

1. Pancakes or Waffles?
2. Muffins or Cupcakes?
3. Chips or Popcorn?
4. The Simpsons or Family Guy?
5. Dancing or Singing?
6. Ketchup or Mustard?
7. Computer Games or Video Games?
8. Homemade or Bought?
9. Fruits or Vegtables?
10. ...

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