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Im not exactly sure how to go about this..
So im just going to put it all out on the table.

Im 15, and I date someone that im not supposed to.
He's black and im white, therefor it's wrong.
My mother is pretty understanding.. And she listens to me...

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when everything else seem to matter more to him than me

I got to know him a year ago on my way to work where he stopped me to ask for my number, claiming that he had following me on a bus which i had took. I thought that was very sweet and brave of him and so i gave him my number. From that day onwards, he ...

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What's this guy all about?

okay, my ex boyfriend broke up with me and asked if we could just be friends because he wasn't ready for a relationship, fair enough, no problem, I wasn't entirely sure I was ready for a new relationship either so yeah, it wasn't really a problem, but ...

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What do you think ?

Roseanne Barr said today in her Blog: Obama is an empty suit selling "hope" in lieu of Truth. Oprah Winfrey helped to elect Arnold Swartzenegger. I have no doubt that she voted her purse by doing this, as she is a large land owner in California, and th...

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May you read over my essay?

I had to write a 340 word essay., I wrote about Twlight the book. someone who is good with English grammer look over for grammer, tense changes,commas and semi-colons, anything like that.

This is the first book out of four. The book is fiction, its ...

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Religion has been corrupted by man?

What did you think of when you first read that Statement? Christians vs. Islam? Christians vs. Satanist? Christians vs. Wiccan? What is the connecting factor in everybodies thoughts? Christianity. Now before anyone reads this and starts trying to be al...

62 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

What to do about this girl?

So I got this girl problem. This may be a bit long but maybe some of you can help me. So there is this girl that I met online about a 1.5 years ago we are long distance but we have gotten very very close and became best friends. The thing is I have ver...

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Do I contact my ex-girlfriend that I miss so much??

This may be a long story but I am in so much need of advice. I met my ex girlfriend 2 years ago, she joined my work place and when I first met her I didn't even batter an eyelid, I just said hi and had no thoughts or instant feelings regarding an inter...

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Who thinks im in the wrong?

Okay. Currently right now im 17 years old, coming up for 18 in November. I am getting ready to sit my exams, and lose weight for prom, trying to get a job and trying to stay in contact with family, friends and my boyfriend. I study everynight for my ex...

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You like my rap?

Nobody has a swagga like me;
Rippin the game like a great MC.
Puttin ya ta rest with a punch from me;
Hit ya in tha dome with a left knee.
Like the mayor I own the key;
Can’t ever take the town from me.
I’m so great with a swagga ya see;
Hold th...

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What can we as citizens do to help get felons a job?

This is a very touchy subject for me. I am a convicted felon without a job. My conviction was over 14 years ago, was released from prison 11 1/2 years ago, was able to get a minimum wage job for a short period of time, but lost it when they did a compa...

13 views · Jobs & Money

What to do with an unruly younger brother?

Well first some back story. I am the oldest of 4 (I'm 25). My younger brother, Dan, is the 3rd child. Our mother fought cancer for 11yrs before passing away March of 2010. It was very hard on our whole family. My dad went over the deep end religio...

63 views · Parents & Family

Religion vs Love

*Please do not issue about the title and my story: It's a real experience I had this week and it most certain does not mock God

it's a very delicate thing to ask..
my girlfriend is probably one of the most faithful Christian I know
and im really g...

20 views · Sex

Does My Best Guy Friend Like Me? I Can't Tell!

This is long, but I'd REALLY appreciate some advice! It's a "what do I do with my best guy friend" question haha

I told my best friend, Mike, who I've known for about 7 months, that when I had first met him I had a small crush on him, but I "got ove...

183 views · Love & Relationships

I feel used and threatened by a boy who raped me?

4 years ago my parents bought me a plane ticket and sent me to Ghana. On my stay there I went to visit one of my aunties. It turns out my auntie was living with guys but they never talked to me and always ignored me. One day I left my aunties room beca...

50 views · Sex

Heartbroiken and confused

I have had a long distance relationship for the past 3 years. He lived in manchester I live in london. I met him on internet dating, he was an asylum seeker and had nothing to his name. I loved him for what he was as a person. I have one daughter who i...

11 views · Love & Relationships

Need some career advice

Hello, My name is William, I'm 24 years old,british male from South Africa, I'm a bit confused what carreer or path I should follow.

Here is a bit about me.

I left S.A(Republic of South Africa) when I was 17 to go study and work in the UK, when I...

19 views · Jobs & Money

Should religion be forced on you, by your parents, school, etc ?

I have 5 sisters & 1 brother. My parents were well to do, but at the age of 13 I was sent to a boarding school, one of the best in the country, run by Irish Christian Brothers. To reach our school we had to spend 3 nights in the train. In the night a s...

54 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

God exists 3- the metamorphosis

Hey hi, again. well I just want my question answered, so come on guys lets try to keep it civil this time. let's debate like civilized people so this question doesn't get locked.

Here is the question for semi 1900 and anyone else interested (if you ...

34 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Why does she put up with someone so jealous?

Hi Sue90,
After giving my situation with my best mate some consideraton I have decided to speak to the health advisor at our college for his advice, I have started to notice a change in my behaviour and my attitude, I am going of the rails at a lighti...

54 views · Sex

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