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Is being involved negatively affecting my life?

I have always been really busy. I constantly run around to do the various things I am involved in, such as tennis, school, choir, band, and volunteering. Of course, I also have to spend time with my family, which cuts out even more of my time. With all...

24 views · General Knowledge

Why do I always feel lost?

hi eeryone. ugh I have no clue wats wrong with me. well I kinda do but not rely.
I always feel like im lost and dont belong. I feel like im always pt down. im scared of what I say and do because in my past all my opinions were silenced and my actions w...

68 views · Health

Do you follow the moral or written law?

Those that constitute the majority of our society would probably consent that written law is a necessity for the public, and that written law is a good basis for justice due to its democratic roots-it is made by the people, for the people.

However, ...

28 views · Sex

Vicious killing?

Virginia Keppler, Beeld, South-Africa

Pretoria - A Grade 11 pupil died on her way to Garsfontein High School in Pretoria on Monday morning after a taxi first incessantly hooted at her before hitting her scooter from behind and driving over her...

41 views · General Knowledge

Homework help.. please!

I'm doing English 20-1 (which is grade 11 ELA) and I had to read a short story. I'm confused and need help with this question, somebody please help. Okay the question is:

The red dress acts as a type of symbol in this story. Just as the narrator tr...

64 views · Education & School

What are your thoughts on the U.S. and U.K. military ban of EA's new game?

Recently, EA has announced a new game in the Medal of Honor series that have been popular for the last 11 years or so. Unlike most of the previous games, this one takes place in Afghanistan where you play a team of highly elite U.S., U.K., and NATO tro...

35 views · Politics & Law

How can public schools discriminate for religion?

So, I have this group that I sorta hang out with at school and one of my friends sisters is wiccan. People were mocking it so she started to kinda explain what she believed and the principal actually BANNED her from saying anything about wicca at scho...

27 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

How do I get confident enough to leave the house?

I'm 15 years old, i already know the answer your going to give me, looks dont matter or inner beauty blah blah blah.. but its more than that- i have been housebound for 4 months because i don't want to be seen in the outside world by anyone. looking th...

20 views · Beauty & Style

Should I stand up to my mom?

I'm afraid to stand up to my mom & she cannot talk to me about deep things especially if it has anything to do with my dad. she's making me go to counseling again so I can talk to the lady. Then the lady tells my mom. Then my mom tells the lady to tel...

55 views · Parents & Family

FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Maple Bacon Buttermilk Pancakes

I would love to meet the individual that discovered the pancake just so I could give them a big, juicy kiss. I mean, this person somehow took something one usually eats post-meal and only at a celebration (cake if you didn’t catch on, yet), put it in a...

9 views · Food & Dining

Am I worth being saved?

I hate myself, and I feel like everyone around me hates me. I have no friends and I've tried to end my life 8 times, but I have always "chickened out" or something ended up failing. I kind of want help, but I don't want my family to get even MORE overp...

44 views · Health

Depression problem? And what to do if it is?

Hi I'm 15 right now, and lately I haven't been feeling happy. I sorta just feel, empty and lonely all the time even when im with friends. A lot of stuff (like my ex boyfriend dumping me after chosing friends and weed over me, guy I know leading me on ...

17 views · Health

Do you think its right for me to be annoyed at my colleague?

Here's the situation. I work part-time for this company, so I'm only on the premise once or twice a week. I get along brilliantly with everybody, including the person in my question, but her attitude towards me changes everytime a certain member of sta...

12 views · Love & Relationships

Graduate school versus family

Hello everyone. I am looking for advice about family planning for a woman who is interested in pursuing graduate school. I am 22 and have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 5 years now. I will be graduating in december, and having to make a b...

14 views · Love & Relationships

Communication Skills

Iam 35+ and working as software professioanl from past ten years. In this period I have worked for many organizations and I have never make a good career in any
of the company due to lack of problems. I have never worked in any of the company for more ...

20 views · Jobs & Money

I like to sulk on a regular basis am I emo?

I brood a lot, I think I am really dark even though everyone thinks of me as this happy rey of sunshine I'm really not. My mom gets drunk a whole lot, I have had to deal with that practically everyday when I come back from school. I hate her for doing ...

36 views · Beauty & Style

Marijuana Education

Here's my interpretation of marijuana. Please let me know if you agree/disagree (please have something to back it up with, otherwise I'll perceive it as empty and ignorant):

1) The health effects of smoking pot recreationally are no worse than those...

29 views · Politics & Law

My Parents Really Need to Back Off!!

I'd like to point out first of all that I'm 19 and I'm in Grade 12b

I have this Hamlet essay due really soon, I really am working on it, but I suffer with Asperger's Syndrome, and A.D.D. and sometimes I just find it slightly hard to concentrate and ...

13 views · Parents & Family

Can my legs ever look healthy again...

For years I've been using products to help me shave.. whether it be gels, soaps or creams... that gave my legs nothing but irritations,clogged pores, ingrown hairs and rashy looking skin.
Now that I've finally figured out what worlds my skin on my legs...

26 views · Health

Trinity, Hellfire, Immortality Of The Soul, Christmas, Easter

Question For Christendom:

Why do you try so hard to deny that many or your key doctrines and celebrations are so steeped in paganism that the first-century Christians didn't even adhere to them. Many of Christendom's ways of thinking are heavily...

64 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

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