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Wood windows

What's wrong with my Windows Media Player?

my window media player show some error. it tell me for update but when I update it show error again. please tell me how can solve this problem?

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Sims3 videos on Windows Movie Maker???

how do I import sims3 videos to windows movie maker?
what file should they be in?
is it even possible?
please and thank you.

13 views · Computers & Tech

How to get Windows XP back on my system?

well I put windows vista on my computer and its to slow and I lost my windows xp disk. so how do I get windows xp back on my computer?

46 views · Computers & Tech

How should I paint this piece of wood?

I'm going to paint something on a piece of wood, it's 1ft by 1ft. what do you think people would like to buy, that's on painted on a piece of wood?

28 views · General Knowledge

How / Can you put stuff in slow-motion on windows movie maker?

vedios in slow-mo

39 views · Computers & Tech NSFW

Is Windows Vista good or not?

IM planing on geting a new computer that has vista it it a good or not right know I have xp

24 views · Computers & Tech

Is there anything I can put on my truck windows to stop them from fogging up when the humidity is high?

I don't have heat in the truck so can't use defroster or anything

13 views · Cars & Automotive

Should you have windows media player to down load tracks from rhapsody and sync?

Just questioning if you want to have windows media player in order to sync tracks that have been saved from rhapsody to an mp3 player?

37 views · Computers & Tech

How: do you need a microphone on windows live to call someone?

On windows live/msn do you need a microphone to call another computer? Will they hear me talk if I dont have a microphone?

20 views · Computers & Tech

Has anyone used Windows Vista?

I am looking to buy new laptop and wanted to know if anyone has any personal experience with windows vista.

48 views · Computers & Tech

Riddle - I went into the woods and got it, I sat down to seek it

This is a tough one.
I went into the woods and got it, I sat down to seek it, I brought it home with me because I couldn't find it.

911 views · General Knowledge

What can I download that is better then Windows Movie Maker?

I make stuff for Veoh and I use windows movie maker (which sucks)
what else can I download that will work better?

47 views · Computers & Tech NSFW

Have you upgraded to Windows Vista?

Have you upgraded to Windows Vista? I did, but my video card is too crappy to even do anything cool with it. If you haven’t upgraded yet, are you planning to?

21 views · Computers & Tech

windows media player skins

on windows media player I went to skins and clicked Canvas.

I hate it because its so tiny, how do I get it back to normal??

13 views · Computers & Tech

What is the best thing to clean windows with?

I was hired to clean windows both on the inside and outside of a house. I know how to clean windows, my own windows, just not sure how a professional would do it. Anyone know?

43 views · Computers & Tech

How do I share a folder between Windows 7 and Windows 2000?

how do i share a folder between a windows 7 and a windows 2000 ?
if i share it with a windows 7 and windows 7, i could see each others shared folder.
but when i share it with windows 2000, "Windows 2000" i cant see or find the application to search f...

15 views · Computers & Tech

Window tint

Can someone tell me what stores sell window tints.I want to paint the windows of a truck can someone tell me were can I but the tint.and also varnish for the truck.

30 views · General Knowledge

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