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Van rental


I'll just jump straight to the point..

Few nights ago, I called up my fiance to ask what time is he reaching home.
We both are currently living together in a rental apartment. He told me he will
be home late as there was a held back at work.


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I dont know what to do

I invited my boyfriend out with my girls but it looks as if he only came to let me know he has arrived by the time I turn around and back he was nowhere to be found I called and ask where he was he said he was out by a van I thought he wud noticed that...

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Weirdo survey

Im bored so I made a survey
Have fun!! ( no I hope you all rot in hell) jkjk I love you haha *awkward*

1) chucks or vans??
2) favorite color?? (I know typical question but meh whatever)
3) fave genre of music??
4) favorite super power??
5) are you sm...

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Ultimate Twilight Quiz!! you think you no it all? prove it!

1) What hand did Edward stop the van with?

2) Who is the leader of the Nomadic Coven/

3)What is Bella's favorite kind of colber(from the little food place her and her dad go to a lot)?

4)How old was Renesemee when she said her first word?

5)What an...

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7 Ages of Man : Modern Version

Is this a good poem? Were supposed to write a modern version of "The 7 Ages of Man", by Shakespeare.

Everyone in the world play a part,
Has a purpose,
Even if it is unknown in the,
It is the cute, attention seeking toddler,
Durious and...

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How to confront roommate?

Ok so I just noticed this morning the that $200 of the $250 I set a side for bills and rent at the beginning of this month wasn't in my lock box. I thought maybe I had knocked it out when digging for my spare key for my truck or maybe my roommate grab...

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What should my song order on my mix CD be?

I am making a mix cd of love songs for my girlfriend for Christmas. I have narrowed down the songs to the list I was looking for. Hopefully it will be a pleasant surprise :)

The songs I have are:

Is This Love-Whitesnake
I'll Be-Edwin McCain

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haunted house

ok I have a few questions... first off is there any way too get the history of your house... we know my house is at leas 80 years old.. but I want too know if there is a way too get the exact build date??? this house was a rental house before we bought...

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Step mom treats me badly, how can I deal with it?

HI, I live in a family of 5. Me my dad, 2 real sisters, a step sister and a step mom. She treats me like im dirt. Her step daughter is the biggest H** in the WORLD and goes out with every guy in her school!! also her mom treats her like she is the quee...

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I wanna cry right now..sry its long, please read =/

I was on my way tomy brotheres girlfriends party (which was so fun bc there just amazingly awesome people.) but im on my way, and I guess my dad musta drank before he got there, so we almost go into 2 accidents, and then after we leave, its clearly a r...

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Horrible emphasis on that, dream help

Ok I had this nightmare and normally I know im dreaming but this one was so vivid I woke up exhausted and afraid I dont even know why it was scary can some one tell me if it means anything?, ok so I'd been out, I dont remember where and I was returning...

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Should I get my ex back or get over him?


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Neighbors attack my son

There is a section 8 rental on our street, there are 7-8 people living there only 5 of wich are suppose to be. All of the children are 8 and under. Our problems started right away, these children began giving inappropriate info to the rest of the kids ...

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How can I get her to see I'm an adult?

Sorry but this is going to be long I have to explain it all.
My Aunt is a retired 5th grade teacher she was a teacher for most of her life. She has been extreamly helpfull twards me in some aspects and I am glad to have her, just wish things were diff...

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What do you think of the prologue to a story I was working on?


Soccer was always one of my best sports.

I was the keeper — everyone relied on me to keep our net safe. For my whole life I’d been accustomed to insane pressure of all sorts: shootouts, fights, exams, parties, girls... Girls were alway...

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Random xd rather be questions?

You rather be:
Gay or straight
Eyeliner or eyeshadow
Umbrella or rain on me
Doctor or die of cancer
Choker or diamond necklace
Aeropostale or hollister
Nike or dc's
Converse or vans
Green day or poison
Fast or slow
Purple or black
Big or small
Skinny ...

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Mother-in-law and sister-in-law trouble

My sister-in-law's husband works overseas for the state department and is afghanistan for a year. She is currently living 3 and a half hours from my mother-in-law who is 78.{her mother} she has two children ages 10 and 12 that my children don't really ...

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What is on your bed right now? Blankets

When was the last time you threw up? Uhh.. Month ago I don't know I 4got

What's your favorite word or phrase? " f*** off " haha

Name 3 people who made you smile today? Anthony mariah and sylecia

What were you...

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Why is he acting all horrible all of a sudden?

I know I should just dump him technically speaking but when you love someone properly you seek out reasons for why he is acting a certain way etc.

First off, I am pregnant - nearly 24 wks gone and 26 years old, v miserable and alone, working my bum...

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How do I know I want a baby?

Hi Fun Advice, wow I haven't been on here for so long, I don't know who's on here now or if my old friends are still active but regardless, I need some help!

I am now 20, and my partner is turning 23 very soon. He wants a baby so badly, but I'm just...

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