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can a travel out of country

I like 2 much traveling but I cant afford . by this site and member of this site please help me

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Does anyone study travel and tourism in college or uni?

Who studies travel and tourism related subjects at college or uni?

13 views · Education & School

Can sperm travel through clothes?

I really want to no if sperms can travel through clothes and if a girl can fall pregnant

514 views · Health NSFW

Summer Plans for travel or vacation?

so the summer is comming up and I was just wondering what people were doing...any vacations? just hanging out? I have nothing to do so I was wondering what others decided to do

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Is there a job that requires traveling to collect plants for making medicine?

if there is, what's it called?

18 views · Jobs & Money

What is the journey of oxygen as it travels through the body

I am doing a science essay on this at school and need help

618 views · Science

Where would you like to travel for New Years?

If you are given the globe to choose from for a free new year travel,where would you choose?
My personal choice is the Caribbeans.

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Babys travel documents

I am a south african who will be taking a flight from the uk. My baby was born in the uk and has a birth certificate. Can I fly with him with just his birth certificate.

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What are things I could collect from my travels?

Like small inexpensive things preferably. And things that would be easy to find anywhere?

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give me an estimate on how much is a ticket to travel international?

someone told me 2,600 for an adult O.O

8 views · Travel

How many miles to travel around the united states?

Does anyone know how many approximate miles it would be to drive around the perimeter of the united states?

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Who have already travelled far south east asia?

Who among you guys have been in to the philippines? How's the experience? How's the food and awesome places?

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17 year old traveling out of state

is there any law against it?
hes taking the bus from bay city mi to chicago Il

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Travel tips on a budget?

We are going to California for Christmas. We don't have to pay for lodging because we are staying with friends and family. What are more ways we can cut costs?

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Spring break how much money to travel to florida?

This is for anyone who has vacationed in florida. im going to florida for spring break but I don't know how much money to bring to spend. help me

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Travel equipement for horses

What is all of the travel equipement needed for a horse to travel? And where can I get it from? (I heard of nag rags but when I looked there wasnt any boots!)

43 views · Pets & Animals

Build my own traveling website like facebook

I want to build a site like Facebook to share my traveling interest with other people. Is is difficult and expensive, anyone? What should I do to get it started?

8 views · Travel

Visa for traveling outside of america

Explain the whole.. traveling outside of America.. what you have to have thing.. visa right? I know passport and all of that crap... but what else? Specifics please

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Online Travel Magazine

I would like to publish a online travelling magazine about my country.
It will be available on my website to download each month.
Do you think it will sell and people will be interested?

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