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Do they need the space?

lets say your dating someone and you seeing them on there birthday. but the day before they say that they mates want (her him) to go out with them for drinks on a friday but then changes (her him) mind and stay home then the next day is (her him) birth...

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How do I divorce my parents?

Im going to tell you more about my situation.. I want to divorce my parents becasue I havnt talked to my mom for 36 months.. And I havnt talked to my dad for 14 years.. And right now im 15 a sophmore and I dont want them to have any control over my lif...

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How do I get my parents to stop getting involved in my life?

Sorry, trying to get used to this new fun advice. I liked it when it was simpler.

Throughout my childhood my parent's paid attention to me 50% of the time, sometimes less...Now they seem more inclined to get involved in my schooling (niagara college...

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I'm in a pickle, please help!!!

I sprained my left knee in May after a fall in gym. I was taken to the hospital where I was told that I had sprained it, and there was a high probability that the ligament had stretched to the point where it snapped. I was given crutches and told to us...

42 views · Health

Felony Job Market

I have a burglary felony, now I know that sounds terrible but the story is not that bad. My fatther and I had a gun collection. I was trading and selling guns with him. One day he comes home and finds that there a couple missing. He calls the cops ...

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Infected Lip Piercing

Okay, I got my lip pierced for the second time two weeks ago, and it was healing just fine. The pro piercer said it would be okay to switch my labret stud out after a week for a ring, so I did. As soon as I did that, it all went to hell, maybe it react...

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What should I do about a controlling boyfriend?

I met this guy 5 years ago. Dated a few times and then stopped seeing him because of gut feeling, met back up with him and started dating in Oct. By Dec moved away from family and friends to be with him, he has a 7 yo son I have three grown kids 25,24,...

34 views · Love & Relationships

What should I do about my knee?

I am 17 years old, over weight and semi active. Im in the marching band in the school. Early May in physical education class my knee buckled out from under me, without warning. I was standing still with my knees bent, the knee popped out and I fell, co...

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What could possibly be wrong with my leg?

Ok, I go to the gym almost everyday. About three or four weeks ago, I noticed a pain in my leg, like a sore muscle. I get those a lot so, I continued to work out. Then the day after I got back from a college orientation, I noticed it got kinda worse li...

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Why am I so frigid towards people?

I have a real issue:),,
I feel bad for poor, ill people, who get in troubles ,who get kidnapped ,,
but I don't have a real feeling for friends/boyfriend,family
I mean if they get hurt I help them
but otherwise I dont miss them ,I don't feel anything ...

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Just barely 15 and pregnant.

It's official. Well my name is Kristin and I turned 15 in May. I had sex with my boyfriend for the first a few months ago, and I took the test last week and went to the doctor today, I'm 2 months into my pregnancy and just want to shoot myself. I made ...

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Making me take 4 classes

I wrote on here a week or so ago about my parents, Now they told me I have to go to school full-time to stay on their insurance.

I have been paying for my school for a year, I had to buy my own desktop computer (I wanted a laptop), I was told by my d...

8 views · Parents & Family

What kinda pillowcase?

I recently finished re-vamping my bedroom. I painted the walls a bright custardy yellow,the wood work (desk,shelves,bed) are all beachwood. My curtains are a deep red and I have a theme of the colours turquoise,fresh green,bright rich red and the sunse...

18 views · Home & Garden

What could be wrong

Ok first of, dont say take him to the doctors, they dont know nothing, they told us that, and also he cant go anywhere really b/c he has no insurance, he cant get any, they wont accept him and we dont have the money to pay out for test and stuff and im...

32 views · Health

Why do I have to visit non-immediate family so often?

I don't know what it is about them but, I cannot bear visiting my family. I got back in contact with my dad after 11 years of not seeing him just last week but, my cousins on his side are grown now and it feels like a chore to go visit them all. My dad...

19 views · Parents & Family

How long after a miscarriage could I get pregnant?

1. I had a Girl in Nov 2006
2. I had a positive pregnancy test in August 2007. Later in the month, I notice that I saw black blood. I felt my stomach cramp up but not like the normal cramps from my period because I always have cramps. These cramps felt...

53 views · Health

Currently on paid Short-Term Medical Leave and found another job...?

Hi all,

I have been on short-term medical leave (full-pay STML from my employer) for about 2 months, and already approved for the 3rd month. My health condition is better now (spine fracture after a car accident)l however, I'm already told by my cow...

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Parents and living situation

Okay...So Here is my situation My mom and dad are divorced...I lived with my mom, she is a single parent so its been hard the last three years... weve been moving in with my aunt and her family... there are my aunt and uncle, and three kids, that are n...

16 views · Parents & Family

Advice on parents & pregnancy.

I need some advice.
I am not 100% sure if I am or not pregnant. I have every symptom except for tender breast & missed period. I am going tommorrow to the doctor to have a test & take further steps into which ever result I get. I need help though. My ...

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How do I reach my OWN boyfriend?

Me and my boyfriend were travling,
and he and i were going to florida.
He was going to Fort Lauderdale florida and i was going to Miami florida,
He and i had both bought new cell phones and changed our emails just so that we could feel brand new.

18 views · Love & Relationships

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