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What are these patches of tiny bumps on my skin?

I dont really get my skin condition ...
skin is like covered with tiny acne dots yet these dots are tiny and dont look like acne in the way they are my skin's colour,not red and they're very the small pacthes of clear skin,the pores are quite...

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What medicine should I give my baby?

My baby is 6 months and has a runny nose, sore/hoarse throat, coughing, and isnt acting himself acting as if he isnt feeling well. He's not running a fever. Is there any cold medicine out there for babies? My dr is closed today and tomarrow and I need ...

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Itchy throat

I have had an itchy throat with postnasal drip and coughing now for about 2 months. doc keeps changing allergy meds, zyrtec, claritin, flonase and now allegra. nothing helps. the mucous is worse after eating and the coughing and itchiness is unbear...

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The Elderly & Money + careers?

I htink that the elderly are going to be where the money is and taking acare of them is rewarding and you learn so much from them,anyone think the same??

Top ten careers in the next Decade:
Computer Programmer
Day Care Provider.
Elder Care Speciali...

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Heart murmur

How serious is a heart murmur I have been getting really bad nosebleeds and so I went 2 the doctor she said I had a heart murmur but it could be from stress. I got a hemogloben (sp?) test done and im not anemic. im going to the hospital to see an ear...

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Fashion help, can you wear black stockings and red shoes?

Hi. I just want to ask your opinion.
Cause I have a friend who'll be celebrating her birthday on Nov. It's a debut. So it's formal. I'm told that I should wear a black dress.

I was thinking, of wearing a dress. A black stockings and a red shoes. Y...

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Welpish Rash

I have a red rash covering my entire body. The rash starts out as small red circles, and after a few hours develops into huge round whelps. It itches and hurts on my legs. I have tried allergy treatments, and treatments for skin mites (scabies). I ...

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What is wrong with my skin??

I have been having itchy rash type spots all over my body. Mostly my legs, arms, hands, throat, and back of my neck. They are just little bumbs that arn't really red or have much color. They are driving me crazy though! Nothing helps. I have bad allerg...

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Here's a hypothetical situation for you all. What do you think about it?

What if "Mr. R" was your husband/wife?

"Mr. R, a twenty-eight year old engineer, has been on dialysis for three years and is growing desperate because of the restrictions it places on his life. He cannot work regularly because of the amount of time...

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Why do I keep getting nosebleeds?

Sometimes if I sneeze or rub my nose, it'll randomly just start bleeding. Bad too. Like this morning for instance I woke up, sneezed, and blood started pouring out of my nose. The weird thing is, it's only bled from my left side. Not once has it ever b...

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Does One-A-Day Teen Advantage For Her have fish products in it?

I have a food allergy to SeaFood, and I started taking One-A-Day's Teen Advantage for Her Vitamins. My face is clear of acne now, but I have all these little bumbs on my face like I've eatten Penut Better (I'm allergic to penuts, and those can kill me)...

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My eye

yea my eye iz so annoting ...I think I have eye allergies but im going to describe what goes on with my eye..

well bugers come out of it and it huurts and if I mess with my eye a lot because the bugers it gets small and smaller. the bugers get stuc...

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What are white spots on your arms and legs that appear?

My spots magically appeared when I woke up one morning. I called ask a nurse they could not help. they do not itch but do come and go tend to be almost gone and then appear only had them for a few days. I thought it might be allergies but ihave n...

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What should I major in?

I am not good enough in any suybject to major in, not good enough at art, or anything. Except there a major of photography?
Did any of you attend East Carolina University? That is my dream to go there. please help me, I wish there wa...

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My eye is bugging me

my eye has been bugging me for a week already. and I've tried everything ! like my eye is red, itchy, icant really look into light or at the tv or computer screen cus it feels like its way too birght, umm igets watery and ialso feel like ihave somethin...

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Is anyone here a vegaterian or vegatarian-symphatizer and how has it benefited you?

I recently stopped eating wheat products and milk for my allergies (I am now on soy milk). This is working quite well for me and my cough has almost completely disapeared. Now I was thinking of cutting out meat (with the exception of fish and maybe chi...

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What is treatment for sexual infection?

I have participated in sex for 3-4 times with a leady by wearing condom, we had a oral sex. I developed itching with redness and puss forming on my penis head.I consulted a general physician,on his recommendation I applied ointment on infected area, re...

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What's this lump by my ear?

About 2 days ago I noticed a lump by my ear where the ear lobe meets the face and I thought it was a zit but it didn't hurt and it doesn't have a head on it. During certain times of the day it will get bigger and smaller and its a little hard. I'm goin...

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Why do I have "advance"senses?

O.k it seems like I have "advance"(I can't find a better word for it.) memory,sight and hearing.Like I have memories from when I was like 6 monthes old and hear stuff people can't when the sound is very distant.I can see in the dark fine but people say...

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Are dental implants purposely pricey to keep endodontists in company?

I had a poor encounter having a failed root canal on my last molar. I had it taken away only to discover that I needed yet another root canal on another molar. In the event the cost were correct I'd readily select for dental implants. My dental surgeon...

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