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Willan Academy of Music provides private lessons at home in New York City. Music enriches life, brings harmony at home and for the learner. We are dedicated towards providing high quality music lessons for people of all backgrounds.

What Are The Tips To Find A Good Guitar School In Brooklyn

Today, most of us want to learn the guitar irrespective of how much is the age of the person. There are plenty of reasons why someone wants to learn a guitar. It is so because a guitar is way cheaper if compared to other instruments like violin, Piano as w

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3 Things Your Music Teacher Isn’t Telling You

Every skill requires time to learn. It takes knowledge and commitment to perfect music and that’s the reason we admire musicians. If you are serious about music classes in Brooklyn ,you shouldn’t cram lessons. A good idea is to practice coordination. The

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Reasons why you need to learn the guitar

Now that you are searching for guitar lessons in Brooklyn, you may be asking yourself why you need to learn the guitar. Every person who picks the guitar understands how playing a few tunes can have a spark that lead to a fire. Whether you want the guitar

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How to Find the Best Guitar Classes for Your Kids

Regardless of whether you are a parent or a guardian, at some stage you may choose that your tyke needs to figure out how to play an instrument. A guitar is a decent decision and a well known choice one among kids. You should see if guitar classes for youn

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4 Myths About Music Lessons Debunked

The modern world is full of fake news, half-truths, and straight-up misconceptions. This article busts 4 myths which have been planted in the music schools New York . Learn why they are false and it will help you attain your music career objective.

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Why Are Online Piano Lessons So Popular Today?

Online piano lessons in NYC have skyrocketed recently. Find out the rationales behind this trend.

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Understanding the basics of piano lessons in NYC

Most of the people, who are looking forward to learning the piano are discouraged by the many hours that it takes to learn the different music notes. This can prove to be quite boring. However, if you are planning to join piano classes nyc, you will need t

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