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Beat Color is a Vietnam based real estate photo editing company. Since founded in 2016, Beat Color has been constantly developing. Starting with 4 editors, Beat Color now is the house of more than 50 professional and talented editors and that number will be rapidly increased in next coming years.
Specializing in all kinds of real estate photo editing services, we trust that our professionals in digital images do match out valued customers' expectation. Outsourcing your real-estate photo editing requirement to us, you will not be disappointed by our high-end final products. Moreover, thank to the benefit of different time zone and currency between Asia, Europe, and US, We are proud to deliver you the best services with top-world quality in very short turn around time and reasonable price.

Our service includes:
Photo editing
– Noise reduction
– White balance, contrast, exposure, lens correction, color adjustments.
– Removal of Camera Flashes
– Removal of Minor Reflections
– Resizing, cropping and removing background.
– Color correction
– Brightest/Contract Adjustment
– Remove small spots, camera flashes, dust, glare, reflection…
– Add green grass, trees, and small objects like lamp, chair or table…
– Complete details for unfinished property
Virtual Dusk
– Adjusting brightest and contrast, highlighting features and lightening shadows.
– Replacing outdoor dusk sky
– Turning on interior/exterior lighting and pool/garden lights.
– Straightening vertical and horizontal.
– Removing minor clutters.
– Adding fire to fireplace, moons and stars.
Virtual Staging
– Adding 3D furniture into vacant rooms
– Converting a certain room into another room
– Changing room style
Depending on your requirement and special instruction, the unit price is from 0.99$
We aim to be the best in this industry, so adding value to your clients is our main objective.
Further more, we do offer free trial for 3 done images. If you are interested, please register here and contact us for activation.

For more detail, please visit

Thank for your consideration !

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