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Celebrity styles! The ultimate fashion trends do we really copy them?

There is no doubt today’s fashion have so many trends to follow from the image fashion designers and their favorite Celebrity Styles gives the way people choose to dress up everything sets trends. Celebrities create their own brands from the way they look,

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How to remove unwanted body hair for Women & Men?​

Hair removal is the most annoying factor for every woman and men. There are different types of hair removal measures most of which are expensive, time consuming and painful. Yet, we tend to shave it off or painfully wax it. Now, it’s time to consider some

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Is urbanization cause for the higher cost of living?

Urbanization is a contributing factor to the cities growth. Nonetheless, urbanisation has its own pros and cons. The growth of industries and service sectors are rapid. People are moving rapidly to cities in search of a job.

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How to develop the Power of Human mind – Extreme Thinking

Is it possible to develop the power of a human mind? I have heard of extreme belief. I have also heard about supernatural power and extraordinary things happenings. What is extreme thinking to do with human mind power?

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How to deal with uncertainty in life?

At times we don’t know where to go, what to do? What job to do? This form of Uncertainty is part of our life. Say, it’s a clash between the mind, heart, and situation. It’s overwhelming and hard to figure out priorities over passion. Say you want to trave

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Why Urban Indian not ready to take cycle to work?

Are we Urban Indian ready to take cycle to work? State pollution control board shows that there are no virtual places in India complying with WHO and National Ambient Air Quality standards, most of the cities are critically polluted. Except for few places

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Do Women need reservations in parliament?

Recently Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu promised to fight for 33% reservation for women in the legislative bodies. Many political parties are trying hard to get this bill passed. Now, that the idea is plagued by many political parties. I

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How to get rid of Food Sensitivity?

Food sensitivity occurs when persons suffer from digesting a particular food. In one way processed food and nonorganic foods can become a reason. It can cause intestinal gas, abdominal pain or diarrhea.

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What You Eat Can Affect Mental Health, Physical health?

You have heard about eating healthy to reduce the risk of diabetics, blood pressure and certain cancer, but what about mental health? There are dietary that can boost the cognitive function and reduce the symptoms of depression and other mental health diso

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Which cooking oil is good for health?

Not all the cooking oil is healthy! Before going to the kitchen, check out the 5 healthiest cooking oils, and the pros and cons of the cooking oil you’re using. In any kitchen a necessary item for cooking is oil. But which oil is best for handling health?

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