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Cooperative learning

Protecting the environment requires a cooperative approach, and what better place to practice cooperation than in the classroom? For this, as well as for pedagogical purposes, cooperative learning figured prominently in the coursebook. Cooperative learning

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Inadequate Student Support Services


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Best Case Scenario

In “Argument and Evidence in the Case of the Personal,” Candace Spigelman describes the multiple configurations of “the personal” in writing instruction. She explains that many writing instructors have interpreted the writing of expressivity pedagogy as “w

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Whenever mentoring is mediated by a product whose actual authoring processes are not directly observable, as is the case with literature, objects of architectural or mechanical design, scholarly publications, doctoral dissertations, and even paintings, ass

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Pre-Service Teachers

In the state of Victoria, pre-service teachers are required for registration purposes to complete 80 days of school experience over their four-year Bachelor of Education degree. This generally means participation in different classrooms each day while at s

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Developmental Reading

Despite completing secondary education, many students in the United States enter postsecondary institutions with low reading, writing, and/or mathematics skills, which greatly impede their academic progress. In fall 2016, 42 percent of entering students at

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