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How to wear Backless Dress?

Simply to reiterate, the perfect manner to look exact in something backless when you have large boobs is to prevent considering what society and mainstream media may understand as “looking good.”

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How to get rid of pimples?

every morning when i wake-up. i see my oily face i don't like pimples. so, my question is that how to get rid of pimple . is any health advisor is available here to help me. beacause i am very hassle from this problem.

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what girls thinks about their first date?

Recently, i join collage. that day was my first day of collage. I saw a girl in my collage i have crush on her and i don't know what is thinks about me . one day i proposed her. she accept my proposal. now we are to our first date. i don't know how to date

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